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Boggy B
is an elite military soldier, mascot of Team17, and primary protagonist of the Worms series, first appearing in the original Worms game. According to the original WormsongSpadge, another experienced soldier and the series' deuteragonist, was Boggy B's best friend, but was shot and killed by an enemy Worm, enraging Boggy B. Boggy gets his revenge by blowing up the leader of the enemy Worms (who was presumably the one who killed Spadge) and winning the war. However, according to Wormsong 2003, another soldier named Clagnut was the son of Spadge and Boggy B's nephew. This could mean Boggy B and Spadge were actually brothers, or perhaps Spadge was Boggy B's adoptive brother or vice versa. Boggy B was known as a legendary hero, and a military veteran.
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