Bolo is a minor, but important character in the 2018 adult animated series, Final Space.

Final Space


Trillions of years before the events of the series, Bolo was a member of a race of primordial eldritch abominations known as the Titans. Each Titan was born with one purpose in mind: to raze chaos onto the universe. However, Bolo was different from his brothers, and rebelled against his kind, closing the portal to Final Space. As punishment for his treachery, he was sealed away within a giant cube by his brethren. Despite that, he was still able to telepathically communicate with others warning them about the horrors of Final Space if it was ever unleashed.

As for what made Bolo rebel against his nature and resealing Final Space is currently unknown.

Present day

Bolo was briefly alluded to in Chapter 7 when Nightfall reveals that there was a Titan who knew how to close the breach in space-time caused by a gravitational disturbance. After losing her Gary in her timeline, she attempts to commit suicide only to be stopped by Bolo who teaches her the ways of time travel as well as how to locate him. In this occasion, he took the form of the moon in order to speak with her.

In Chapter 8, Galaxy One travel through the center of a sun in order to get to Bolo's dimension which lies within "Inner Space." Upon arriving, Bolo selects Gary to speak with him in regards to the breach. Bolo recreates the moment that Gary's father - John Goodspeed - sacrificed himself in order to close the breach. Because of this, Gary is able to spend as much time between himself and an artificially made version of his father. With that, Gary learns of another anti-matter bomb being located back on Earth in New York City.

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