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We're going to capture all of your valuable treasures!! Here we go, you gang of clowns!!
~ Translated from original Japanese flyer advertising the Bonanza Bros.' game

The Bonanza Brothers, consisting of younger sibling Mobo in Blue and older sibling Robo in Red, are a pair of Burglars from the SEGA Arcade game of the same name. The game was later ported onto the Sega Master System, Commodore Amiga, and SEGA Genesis. Mobo and Robo also appear as unlockable characters in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing.



Robo and Mobo Bonanza are well-known for excellent infiltration and burglary skills among the underworld and thieves. But one day came a request from a rival criminal organization that asks Robo and Mobo to expose corruption involving Badville; a town riddled in corruption, crimes of all kinds and the town's officials. To that end, The Brothers are to infiltrate 12 heavily fortified places, steal valuables from those places, reveal the stolen goods as evidence of corruption to the medias and blow it into a huge scandal. The Brothers leaped at the opportunity and commenced heist immediately. Will they succeed?

Burglary Spree

During the Bonanza Bros.' crime spree, they have stolen valuable artifacts from a bank, a millionaire's mansion, a casino, an underground gold mine, a department store, a laboratory, a luxurious cruise line, an art museum and a treasure-filled pyramid. Armed with popguns, the Bonanza Bros. must sneak in unsuspected and steal the valuables and escape within 3 minutes in their getaway zeppelin. If they are detected, they must outsmart the guards using the popguns or other cunning tactics. Otherwise, they lose a life. Running out of lives results in either or both being returned to jail.

Appearance in Other Game

Laughing All The Way to the Finish Line

20 years after their Arcade Masterpiece, Mobo and Robo return as unlockable characters in "Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing", where they can be purchased with SEGA Miles. Mobo and Robo drive a Get-A-Way Wagon in the game, which while lacking in weight, makes up for in tremendous speed. Their All-Star Move is called "Blimp Strike", where their Get-A-Way Zepplin appears and proceed to throw explosives at the other racers.


  • Originally in the US, the Bonanza Bros. were supposed to be spies helping the government. This was later dropped when the game was ported to the Commodore Amiga.
  • In the DS port of Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, only Mobo drives. Robo does appear, but only via the All-Star Move.
  • The SEGA Genesis box art for Bonanza Bros. pictures Mobo and Robo as actual people.


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