“Hey!! Are you gonna to fight or what?!”
~ Bonny

Bonny is one of the characters from Mini Fighter and a female pirate warrior who is the daughter of the late Pirate King Jason.


Bonny is the youngest of all known pirates. Her character is as free as a gypsy. Her active nature and positive mindset appeals to her privateer comrades and it's boosted by her brilliant fashion sense. She wields her fatal charm to bind her opponents and she is popular with fellow pirates because she has an extroverted personality and excellent fashion sense. After hearing the news of Dr. Shade's death, She accidentally met Kang and his group in the sea and ventures to stop Delta-M.


Physical Features: Bonny is a young lady with white hair with black cat ears and brown eyes. Her alternate costume has long curly blonde hair instead of white hair. Her hair is longer and is done in a single side braid in her second form and the ultimate form has lower pigtails.

Bonny is a 16 year old lady with a black heart-shaped eyepatch with a pirate skull on her left eye. She dons a black bikini top, a red sarong with a skull around her waist, and her feet has long black boots.

Her alternate costume has a red heart shaped eyepatch, long red dress which shows off her cleavage with a red cloak, red fingerless gloves, red boots, and a red pirate hat.

Her evolved variant is 19 years old and wears a brown eyepatch on the right side of her eye, a red corset with black laces which, brown shorts, long brown coat, and brown boots.

Her ultimate form is 22 years old and wears a white bikini with a open blue dress with a red sash, a belt with a red heart, brown shoulder pads, and yellow tassels. She also has brown fingerless gloves, and long boots.


Bonny is shown to be a active, fashionable, seductive, brave, strong willed, charismatic, cheerful, and a adventurous young lady who cares for late father Pirate King Jason very much and she cares for crew and her friends.

Power and Skills

Bonny is skilled with claws in her normal form. She can spin like a tornado to attack her foes and use her hook against them. Her evolved form uses chained anchors and can use a powerful swing and control water at them. Her ultimate form uses a giant anchor and can make a tornado of water at her foes.





  • She is born on March 14th
  • Blood type is O
  • Her zodiac sign Pisces.


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