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Duke "Boomer" Parker is one of the two main protagonists of the Disney XD television series, Pair of Kings. He is Brady's and Boz's triplet brother. Along with his brother, they rule the small island of Kinkow while going on wild adventures that deal with their friendship and the supernatural. However, Brady departed and Boomer was reunited with Boz.  

He was portrayed by Doc Shaw, who also portrayed Marcus Little in The Suite Life series.


Boomer is very caring but is sometimes very selfish because he was ready to pack up and leave Kinkow Island immediately. He always hits on girls, but strangely doesn't really seem to have crush on Mikayla. He considers himself to be very good-looking and may not be very smart. He believed himself to be a good singer in the episode "Tone Deaf Jam" thinking he had "The Chimes", later it turning out that Brady had "The Chimes". Boomer is he most historical of the twins, in boooooo-mer episode he repeatedly makes fun of Brady and repeats "Ghost party".

Boomer is the most confident, he is always hitting on the girls and doesn't care what he looks like in the process. He is very loyal to the people of Kinkow and helps people when they ask him.

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