Boota is a supporting protagonist in the anime series Gurren Lagann. He is a pig-mole whom Simon finds early in the series and soon becomes his beloved pet. While initially little more than a travelling companion, he plays a vital role late in the series.

He is voiced by Shizuka Ito in the Japanese version and Julie Ann Taylor in the English version, both of whom also voice Akiha Tohno.

Powers & Abilities

Increased Spiral Power: Unlike other members of Team Gurren, Boota has the ability to unleash massive amounts of Spiral Power. He was able to use it to change into a Human form, even though it wasn't real.


  • In Episode 2, it's revealed that Boota apparently wears glasses (which greatly resemble his black eyes).
  • Boota, like Leeron, also does not appear to age, being seen with Simon during both the 7 and 20 year time advancements with no notable change in appearance. This is strange considering that much larger, older pig-moles are seen in the first episode, and when Rossiu is loading the Arc-Gurren, implying that they grow with age. It is attributed to the fact that Boota turned his growth energy into spiral power. This allowed him to evolve and use spiral power, but prevents him from growing.
  • Boota (in human form) is possibly Simon's right hand man in the prologue or the series as the two characters share a striking resemblance.
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