Bootleg is a Mutant Galvanic Mechamorph Hybrid and one of the aliens in Kevin Levin's Antitrix. He is also the counterpart of Upgrade in the 2016 Ben 10 series.


Bootleg is mainly a black and blue colored being, having what looks like gauntlets and shoulder pads on him. He has two spiked balls on his back. Unlike Upgrade, he has a red eye instead of a mainly two colored theme.


Ben 10 (2016)

Kevin Levin first turned into Bootleg in the episode Franken-Fight, after hearing that Ben Tennyson was afraid of tentacles. This caused Bootleg to enhance the Glitch Ben in his Rustbuggy form to scare Ben, only to be attacked by Shock Rock, leaving to the Rustbuggy to turn into a monster. Kevin turn back into Bootleg to regain a part of his transformation and help both Ben and Gwen Tennyson.

Bootleg returned in the episode Xingo Nation, where Kevin turned into him to enhance a machine to watch his favorite episode, only to release Xingo into the world. He later teamed up with both Ben and Gwen to send Xingo back to his own world.

Bootleg was used by Kevin in the episode Vin Diagram, where he went to enhance a vehicle to use is a race.

In the episode Adrenaland Jr., Bootleg was used to attack an amusement park, only to be calmed down by both Ben and Gwen.

In the episode The Greatest Lake, Kevin turned into Bootleg to help Ben fight against Hex to restore the lake from his magic.

Ben, Gwen and Max Tennyson went to tell each other stories of how to fight against Kevin, with Bootleg appearing in one of the tails in the episode Tales from the Omnitrix.

In the movie Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Kevin Used Bootleg to run from and possibly fight against Vilgax, however this did not work and Bootleg turn back into Kevin.


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