Bootsy also known as Belazikkal is an angel from the Spawn comics


Bootsy is a on of the highest agents of Heaven, and an angel in disguise as a homeless man.

As a mortal, Boots or Bootsy, blended in with his New York City bums in the Bowery Alleyways. The only things he owned was a pair of shiny cowboy boots. He took great pride and care of them as they are the only thing he owns.

When a turf war broke out between all the homeless, Boots mysteriously choose to abstain from the fight.<He was soon rebuked by Cogliostro]and was revealed to be an Angel from Heaven. Boots claimed he was only allow to observe and was never to get involved.. However, he soon found himself pulling his long-time friend Bobby out of homeless turf war even though he wasn't supposed to interfere with life of mortals.He soon stopped Wolfram]from killing Spawn in the Dead Zone]and said they had plans for spawn.When he revived him, he got abducted by other angels for having interfered with humans' fate.

Powers and ablities

Being an angel he posses superhuman ablitites and magic.

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