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William Gray, also known as Boozer, is the deuteragonist of the 2019 video game Days Gone. He is the closest friend of Deacon St. John and a former member of the Mongrels Motorcycle Club, prior to the 2017 Freaker outbreak.

After the world ended from the apocalypse, Boozer now works with Deacon as drifters, searching the broken roads of Oregon, while accepting bounties and stopping bandits. During the events of the game, his arm was amputated by the Rippers, under Carlos's orders, and he would later be appointed as the head of security at Lost Lake Camp, following Skizzo's betrayal.

He later plays a major role in the attack on Wizard Island, and subsequently its own downfall.

Boozer is voiced by Jim Purri.


Boozer is a tall man with a solid physique. He has tattoos all over his body, even on his shaved head where he keeps them visible. He later has a prosthesis in his right hand, after it was amputated due to blood poisoning.


Boozer, like Deacon, still sports his Mongrels MC vest, most likely out of respect for their lost brethren and in remembrance of their former way of life. Boozer holds his pals in the highest regard.

Boozer is quick to make jokes, even at his own cost, to lighten the mood despite the grim realities of the post-apocalyptic world.

Boozer is prone to rage fits that cause him to behave aggressively, like when he killed the Rippers after learning that they were slaughtering healthy dogs.



  • Handgun: Boozer is armed with a handgun as he and Deacon hunt for the final Ripper cultists.
  • Prosthetic Arm: Boozer received a prosthetic limb from Deacon and Rikki after having his arm amputated. A knife, a hook, and a gear shifter were used to connect his new arm.


  • Motorcycle: Boozer used to drive a blue motorcycle before losing his arm. Deacon took the bike to Boozer even though he could no longer ride it to cheer him up.
  • Dump Truck: Boozer was a skilled truck driver since he could manoeuvre a big dump truck with ease, and used it to destroy the South Gate of Wizard Island camp.


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