Bow is the overall tetartagonist and male lead of the Netflix Original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. He is an archer and technology master in the Rebellion and is Glimmer's partner, and is one of Adora's best friends.

He serves as the tritagonist for season 1, the whole season 2, and the second half of seaosn 3, the deuteragonist for the whole season 4 and the tetartagonist for the first half of season 3, and the whole season 5. 

He is voiced by Marcus Scribner.


Bow has a darker complexion, kinky dark brown hair in an Afro buzz hairstyle, and black eyes. He wears a silver armor under a small golden cuirass (a form of armor that includes the breastplate and the back piece) embellished with a red heart which exposes his midriff. On his left arm, he wears a golden spaulder (a metal sleeve) on his shoulder, which is attached to the cuirass, and a golden forearm guard. His quiver of arrows is attached to his back, which is both brown and gold. He wears blue jeans, with a brown belt, and matching golden buckle. His boots are nearly knee-high but designed into a 'V' shape at the front and on the sole of the boots is a heart, so that he leaves a heart imprint wherever he walks.


Bow is shown to be a very friendly, cheerful, optimistic and intellectual boy. He serves as the voice of reason among his friends; constantly warning them of consequences and trying to keep them leveled. He is the first to give Adora a chance to join the Rebellion, perhaps indicating a very trusting nature. Bow is often in awe with the world around him and has shown to fight to protect it and his friends. He is also somewhat easily impressed by other people, especially the princesses. Bow also serves as the tech genius of the group, using his brain rather than raw force to solve a problem. Also his voice easily cracks when he's excited. He is very loyal and willing to "work" at friendships.


Bow is incredibly skilled in archery, being his primary form of combat. In real life his techniques wouldn't work but in series he's an awesome archer. Bow is also very skilled with many forms of technology, including inventing his own gadgets, such as his tablet device and his trick arrows. He mentions in "System Failure" that he is a member of the Etherian Makers Community, because he likes to dabble in gadgetry. However, his skills pale in comparison to Hordak and Entrapta's. Bow was trained as a historian and studied all aspects of Etheria's past, collected First Ones' tech and writings with his dads who encouraged him to become a pacifist historian. Bow has also proven to be good in hand-to-hand combat, having to be able to defeat a Horde soldier during the battle of Bright Moon and hold his own against Catra during the Horde's attack on the village of Thaymor.



  • Since the beginning of the show, it was confirmed by Karen Fukuhara that Bow was raised by two fathers and never had a mother. His fathers, George and Lance, are later seen in "Reunion". And they show up for Glimmer's coronation.
  • Bow's zodiacl sign is Virgo, also known as the virgin or the maiden.
  • Noelle Stevenson created a playlist called "Bow" on Spotify, along with a few other of the main characters. These playlists seem to have songs that Noelle identifies with the characters, or about their feelings throughout the show.


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