~ Bowser's catchphrase

Bowser is a major character of the Mario & Luigi series. He is an evil turtle/dragon and Mario and Luigi's main enemy. He is based on his original counterpart.


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario & Luigi: Bowser Inside Story


In Mario and Luigi games, Bowser is a guy who wants what he wants and nothing else. He gets angry at anyone who gets in his way, even if they are his own henchmen.

Bowser has an explosive temperament and he always wants to be better than Mario. He'll take all the resources available to take him down. He doesn't seem to remember Luigi's name, calling him Green Guy, Green Mario Brother, Green Wim, and especially - Green Stache.

Despite being evil, Bowser also has some good intentions.

Heroic Acts

  • He brings Mario and Luigi to Vegesia, thus indirectly saving the world, the land of Vegesia and the death of Graguémona.
  • He saves the Mushroom Kingdom (so dozens even hundred of lives) of Dark Bowser.


  • He is the only character besides Mario and Luigi to have his name in a Mario & Luigi game.
    • It is also the only character besides Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario to be playable.
  • In the Mario & Luigi series his ability to spit fire comes from a pipes in his body; nothing proves that this is the case in the original series.
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