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Dr. Boyd Rolleston made his debut in September 2012, portrayed by Sam Bunkall.[13] Boyd was hired by Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield) as a new surgeon for the hospital, much to the angst of Chris (Michael Galvin), who had previously clashed with him. Boyd soon began to get harassed by Lana Jacobs (Brooke Williams), Kylie Brown (Kerry-Lee Dewing) and Emma Franklin (Amy Usherwood), which climaxed when they broke into his house and later had him investigated for the sexual assault of Roimata Samuels (Shavuaghn Ruakere). It turned out they believed he had killed Kylie's sister but the suspicions ceased when Boyd located Julia (Jessica Joy Wood) alive and well. In 2013, Boyd briefly dated Nicole (Sally Martin), but ended up marrying Brooke Freeman (Beth Allen) in an attempt to disown his parentage. The two began to develop feelings for each other and fell in love once Brooke scraped death following a kidney illness. On their one-year anniversary, the two renewed their vows. However the two broke up following Boyd having an affair with Ava Erickson (Siobhan Marshall) after mistakingly believing Brooke had cheated on him. Boyd said his farewells to Brooke. The two are still married, with their divorce not official as of late 2015.

In 2015 he begin a relationship with Harper Whitley and the two got engaged. On their wedding day in December, a gunman took hostage the Shortland Street Hospital Cafe, causing Boyd and Harper to abandon their wedding ceremony to help in the situation. Harper, who was trying to hide her feelings towards Drew (who got shot during the event and was in a critical condition) eventually blew her cover and Boyd noticed that she loved him. Boyd told Harper that he already had to fight TK for her once, and didn't want to do it again therefore ending their relationship. Harper gave her engagement ring back to Boyd. In 2016, Boyd started to become close with Bella Durville who was devastated over the loss of her mother Wendy Cooper.

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