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The Boyfriend is the main protagonist of Friday Night Funkin'. He is in a relationship with the Girlfriend though her parents, both (ex)-musicians don't approve of their relationship and challenged the Boyfriend to a rap battle in order to gain their approval.

He also battles with others throughout his journey.


The Boyfriend is cheerful and confident in his abilities as a rapper. He has shown to get nervous when he messes up a note, however, and seems to be mildly afraid of lightning, which the same could be said to his girlfriend relatedly.

The Boyfriend is also so reckless and overconfident that he's essentially fearless.

What his relationship with the Girlfriend is exactly like is unknown, though it can be safely assumed they both dearly care for each other.


Boyfriend is a 19 year old boy with cyan hair and bares the appearance of a stereotypical rapper, sporting a backwards red hat with a blue bill white t-shirt with a crossed-out symbol, blue jeans and red shoes.


What Role the Boyfriend plays

Boyfriend plays as the main protagonist of Friday Night Funkin, His is on a mission to try to get approval of Daddy Dearest And Mommy Mearest because they do not approve of the relationship that they have. And so BFS missions begins.


In The tutorial Boyfriend is being taught by the his Girlfriend on how to Sing/Rap in the song It goes Left and right and all other kinds of stuff, and it is very easy to do.

Daddy Dearest


In Bopeebo, Boyfriend is having a rap battle with Daddy Dearest and this also the first Song where boyfriend raps someone. The song also very easy to do but the other songs it will be go harder as Boyfriend will progress


In Fresh, Boyfriend tries to catch to the beat as Daddy Dearest makes it Harder as the music goes but Boyfriends beats him in Fresh.


As Boyfriend is rapping with Daddy Dearest his singing goes faster and with GFS dad and soon/later he wins the fight

Skid And Pump Rap Fights

Boyfriend just battled Skid and pump for fun, boyfriend won and skid and pump were good sports.


Pico was hired by daddy dearest to kill boyfriend for humiliating him in week 1, but spared him and challenges Boyfriend to a rap battle instead.

Mommy Mearest

Mommy mearest challenges boyfriend to a rap battle on top of a limo, boyfriend wins.


It's christmas, and daddy dearest and mommy mearest have stolen santa's throne in a mall, so boyfriend challenges them to a rap battle and wins.

Hating simulator

Girlfriend decides to show boyfriend an old dating simulator, but daddy dearest pushes them both into the game and they have to challenge the protaganist to a rap battle, boyfriend wins


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