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Boz Parker is Brady and Boomer's long lost triplet brother on the show Pair of Kings. In Season 3, he became the co-main character, replacing King Brady. He is portrayed by actor Adam Hicks.


Boz was born on Kinkow along with Brady and Boomer, but got lost in a storm 17 years ago. The people of Kinkow searched for him but couldn't find him, eventually coming to believe he had died. His parents were devastated and passed a law that no one mention Boz ever again. He was raised by a family of apes until he was ten, after which, he was found and adopted by the king and queen of the island of Mindu.

Boz eventually became king of Mindu, until the island sank during a storm. Boz and his people boarded a ship and traveled to Kinkow to seek refuge, where it was revealed that Boz had a Kinkow swirl birthmark and was the lost triplet brother.

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