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Team Ice Cube all the way! Yay!
~ Bracelety, "Getting Teardrop to Talk"
Wait, Ice Cube's chances of winning just increased?! Oh yeah! *her limbs retract into Four* Oh yeah! Go Ice Cube! Yay! Ice Cube, you are my idol! (Fast) I love you! Hooray! I'm so happy! I seriously hope you win! You got this Ice Cube! (Slows down) You're gonna win this!
~ Bracelety after her elimination in "Today's Very Special Episode"
But Match, if you escape, you can check out Flower's new fashion line, Super-Slip Shoes So Blah!
~ Bracelety to Match in "The Escape from Four"

Bracelety (Also known as Ringy) is a supporting contestant and one of the members of Team Ice Cube on Battle for BFDI.



A silicone bracelet and a former Recommended Character, she is the biggest fan of Ice Cube, which is proven when she is seen always holding a sign saying 'GO ICE CUBE!' on it, but BFDI 21 seems to contradict this by that sign saying to send Icy to the TLC, as well as one of the RCs that voted for Ice Cube.

She was sent to The Locker of Losers in BFDIA 1, along with the other recommended characters because she placed dead-last with only 18 votes


Battle for BFDI was her first time competing in the series, and some of her antics were shown. Unfortunately, some of the Viewers didn't like her, so she got eliminated in BFB 4 and can be seen again on BFB 10, BFB 11 and BFB 16 in the EXIT, which is inside of Four. Her IDFB redesign is also seen when she appears in the Locker of Losers.


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