Brad Barrett

Brad Barrett was originally a motocross player who was banned from motocrossing for a cheating scandal that he did not commit involving one of his best friends. He was approached by Xaviax in the form of Charlie Feathers, giving him a false promise to clear his name if he defeated the other riders in a "tournament" called Battle Club and becomes Kamen Rider Thrust armed with a rhinoceros Advent Deck. Under the orders of Xaviax, Strike sent him down to eliminate Wing Knight. He ambushed Len following the Green Shark monster's retreat, leaving after he witnessed Camo being vented by Torque. He was soon Vented Kamen Rider Strike after being weakened by Torque's final vent. Ironically he was soon close to joining Kit, Len and Chris.

During the final battle, the Ventaran Thrust was rescued from the Advent Void and used his Link Vent to destroy Xaviax. Soon after, Eubulon rescued Brad from the Advent Void and erased his memories to return him to normal life, most likely clearing his name in the process.

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