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Brain Boy comic
Brain Boy, born Matt Price is a U.S. secret service agent with psychic powers.


Matt's mother, Mary was in a car accident while she was still pregnant with him that delivered a heavy douse of electricity to him while his brain was still developing. Though Mary's husband died Matt was born without complications but over the course of his life it became apparent the shock had some side effects and Matt began to display the power to levitate, read minds and control the actions of others. Shortly after his college graduation Matt was contacted by a secret service agent named Chris Ambers, a telepath like Matt. Ambers was interested in signing-up Matt to work for the US government. Matt was eager to serve his country and took advantage of the opportunity, his government code name was assigned as "Brain Boy" and he was tasked with countering high end espionage strikes against the US, one he had an advantage against with his special powers.

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