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Brave and Echo are a pair of supporting protagonists from the Disney film Planes.


Brave and Echo have primarily white livery with different "helmet" colors.

Powers and Skills

Brave and Echo are capable of flying across the sky being jet planes.


They first appear in Dusty's daydream in the beginning where he races them to a water tower before Leadbottom snaps him out of it. Later after Ripslinger's buddies cut off Dusty's antenna, Brave and Echo notify him that Hawaii is nearly 400 miles away and escort him safely to the U.S.S. Dwight D. Flysenhower before he runs out of fuel crashes into the sea.

While Dusty is being prepared to be entered back into the race, Dusty comes across the Jolly Wrench's Hall of fame where he discovers Skipper flew just one mission. As Chug and company are preparing to fly for Mexico with some supplies, Dusty calls Skipper about having just one mission.

A call with Skipper was halted in an attempt to get Dusty ready to go with Brave and Echo instructing him on how to launch. Following Dusty winning the race, Brave and Echo congratulate Dusty for his win at the Flysenhower and watch as he and Skipper are launched from the catapult and race back to Propwash 5.


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