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The Bread Maker is the reccuring character of Breadwinners and the legendary figure living in the bread mines and can be summoned by rubbing the magic toaster.



SwaySway and Buhdeuce

The Bread Maker is the Breadwinners mentor. SwaySway and Buhdeuce love watching the Bread Maker do his magic. And even though they ask him the weirdest questions, whenever they're in trouble he's on to their rescue.


T-Midi is obsessed with the Bread Maker. He acts like sort of a fangirl to him.

Lava Mole

The Lava Mole is a nuisance to the Bread Maker who constantly tries to start a fight with him. Even though he always loses. They have been rivals since they were babies.


  • It was revealed in Introducktions that the Bread Maker's entire body is made of all sorts of Bread.
  • He made his own album called Purple Grain, which is a parody of the Prince album "Purple Rain".
  • He's the only human (or at least humanoid) character to appear in the entire series.
  • His outfit is possibly based on He-Man.
  • When his job is done he turns into bread which falls onto the ground.
  • Everytime he says something bad will happen, SwaySway and Buhdeuce say "NO!! Anything but that!!"


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