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Boys are easily manipulated when their masculinity is threatened.
~ Bree to Leo.

Bree Davenport (formerly known as Subject B) is the sister of Adam Davenport, Chase Davenport and Daniel Davenport and the step-sister of Leo Dooley. She is also the 2nd oldest child out of the four main super-humans and one of the three deuteragonists (alongside Adam Davenport and Chase Davenport) of Lab Rats.

She is one of the five main characters, and was portrayed by Kelli Berglund.

Bree is the feisty, foolhardy teenage girl. She is currently 19 years old. Bree possesses the power of super speed. Like most teenage girls, she tries her best to have a great social life. Prior to this, Bree wants to have a regular life. But as the superhuman she is, Bree will put her desire aside and show who she truly is: a brave, heroic, bionic teen. Bree is the fastest out of her siblings.


Season 1

In this season after being introduced to the outside world, Bree is a girl who just wants to have a regular high school life while also going on missions with her brothers.

Season 2

In this season, in No Going Back, she (along with Adam and Chase) exposed her bionic secret to Principal Perry. In the episode Bro Down, she got her first hidden ability.

Season 3

Bree becomes a little more of a moody teenager that wants freedom in Three Minus Bree. At the end of the episode, Brother Battle, Douglas unlocked her second hidden ability, invisibility. Her bionic secret is revealed to the world (along with Adam and Chase's) in You Posted What?!?. Bree tries to hold on to whatever she has left of her normal life.

Season 4

Bree, along with Adam and Chase, continue to be mentors at the Davenport Bionic Academy. They also continue to battle enemies, both new and old. In The Vanishing, she and Chase join Davenport's new Elite Force while their brothers leave them and stay at the academy.

Lab Rats Elite Force 

Season 1

In The Rise of Five, Bree, along with her brother Chase, moved into the Davenport Tower Penthouse. Once arrived, she learned that SkylarOliver, and Kaz were joining their new team. In The Rock, Bree got superpowers via the Arcturion, thus making her a bionic superhero hybrid.


She is the middle child of the bionic trio and the only girl. She likes talking to her friend, Caitlin, and giving her misguided boyfriend advice, as shown in Can I Borrow the Helicopter?. She, as every other teenage girl, tries to be normal, aside from the fact that she is bionic. She is also somewhat irresponsible and has reckless tendencies. She often overreacts to situations, but is still kind at heart and deeply cares about her family. She's sassy, opinionated and very sarcastic, with a snarky sense of humor, always with a smart retort ready. Although she complains about them a lot, she loves her brothers. She likes to annoy her little brother, Chase, with them often bickering or poking fun at each other. Her relationship with Adam is more positive, though they still bicker. She often breaks up fights and arguments. Though proud of her femininity, she has her tomboyish qualities, most likely due to her lack of interaction with other girls. However, she's become more lady-like in later seasons. Despite being brave, Bree can be squeamish when forced to deal with disgusting things. She is also shown to adapt to cultures quickly, as shown in Drone Alone.


Chase Davenport

Chase is Bree's brother. Like most siblings do, they tend to tease/bicker each other. They'll insult each other and argue, but in the end, they're always there for each other. Their friendship is strong. These two will fight at times, but their fights never affect their connection with each other. In Bionic Showdown, Bree fought Marcus in attempt to save Chase. In Bionic Action Hero Bree cries a little when she thinks Chase is dead, and blames herself for it since she was the one who gave Troy Chase's chip schematics. They care about each other a lot, and have a close relationship. At the end of the series, they both decide to stay with Davenport's new team, and they both join the Elite Force.

Adam Davenport

Adam is Bree's brother. They tease one another once in a while, but rarely fight or argue.They care about each other a lot, and their relationship is very strong. They're very close to each other and will always be there for each other, no matter what. Adam is softest to Bree the most. In Bionic Showdown, Marcus made Adam fall to the ground twice and get knocked out for a while, causing Bree to run to him in concern. In Bionic Action Hero, Adam was reluctant to hurt Bree, and was the last to turn his power on. When Bree told him to destroy her and Troy, Adam told her "I can't." They care about each other a lot, and have a close relationship.

Leo Dooley

Leo is Bree's younger cousin/brother by her adoption. They insult each other from time to time, and they tease. Bree puts herself in a position as Leo's older sister, and makes him pay the consequences to his mistakes, as shown in Spy Fly She claims that she wants him to follow his responsibilities as she does with herself. They're always there for each other and care deeply about each other.

Donald Davenport

Donald is Bree's uncle and adoptive father. She continues to call him her dad, even after she discovers he has been lying to her and her brothers. She sometimes ignores his warnings and goes against it, leading her to fall into trouble. Bree isn't as close with him as the boys are, but he will be a fatherly figure towards her at most, even though she finds it embarassing. When Davenport realizes how little time he spent with her, he made it up to her with his Concert in a Can.

Tasha Davenport

Tasha is Bree's Aunt/Mom by her adoption. She appears to get along with her, mostly because she's the only other girl in the household. Tasha tries to act like a mom to her and gave her advice about a guy she liked. In Can I Borrow the Helicopter?, Tasha makes Davenport let Bree move into her sewing room so she could have more space and privacy. Bree, happy about this, was glad Tasha convinced him, up until she realized she was taking up her space and privacy. In Prank You Very Much, Tasha helps Bree prank Adam and Chase, and In Cyborg Shark Attack Bree was going to go get her nails done with Tasha. Bree is assumed to be Tasha's favorite, since she's the only girl. However, along with her other siblings, Tasha is still not completely set with Bree (and her brothers) living in the house, due to the fact that they are bionic.


  • She is the world's second bionic superhuman, and the world's first female bionic superhuman.

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