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Brendan is the main protagonist of the animated 2009 film The Secret of Kells.


Brendan is a twelve-year-old Irish boy who is the nephew of Cellach, the Abbot of his village. Curious, imaginative, and intelligent, Brendan works for his uncle and the illuminators who serve him. One day, an elderly man named Aidan arrives at the village with his cat, Pangur Ban, from a hamlet destroyed by an evil horde of Vikings. Aiden takes Brendan under his wing and asks him to help work on a magical book he is creating, the Book of Iona. Brendan agrees and goes into a mystical forest to retrieve berries to make the ink for the book. When he enters the forest, Brendan makes friends with a forest spirit named Aisling, who helps him find the berries. Brendan returns to his village and is approached by Cellach, who forbids him from leaving the monastery again. He brings Aidan the berries, and while there, learns that the Book cannot be created without the eye of Colm Cille, or The Eye, for short. Aidan tells Brendan that there is an eye in Crom Cruach's cave, a mysterious temple that Aisling is afraid of. Brendan plans on leaving his village once more to retrieve the eye but is caught by Cellach, and is locked in his room. Aisling comes to Brendan's rescue and frees him by changing Pangur Ban into an intangible spirit. Once released, Brendan returns to the forest and, with Aisling's help, enters Crom Cruach's cave. There, he defeats Crom and brings The Eye back to his village. A surprised Aidan welcomes him back, and the two of them begin working on the book. However, their joy is only temporary, as Cellach confronts Brendan once again. In frustration, he grabs one of Brendan's illustrations and locks him along with Aidan in the scriptorium. There, they continue working on the Book of Iona. Shortly afterward, the village is attacked by the same horde of Vikings that attacked Aidan's village. Cellach is badly injured, and few townspeople survive. 


  • Brendan is voiced by Evan McGuire.


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