Brenner is the leader of the 12th Battalion of the Rubinelle Armed Forces and one of the main protagonists of the video game Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


After the meteor strikes wiped out most life on Earth, Brenner and his 12th Battalion searched the ruined land to rescue survivors, one of whom was Will, who became a CO in the 12th Battalion.

After saving some settlements from the Beast and his Bandit Raiders, Brenner and his battalion found themselves dragged into the war between the Lazurian Army and the New Rubinelle Army, formed by Admiral Greyfield from the remnants of the Rubinelle military after the meteor strikes. Initially siding with Greyfield in exchange for supplies for the civilians Brenner's forces were protecting, Brenner soon discovers that the one commanding the Lazurian forces is Forsythe, the CO who defeated his father in the Rubinelle-Lazurian War prior to the meteor strikes.

After the Lazurians were defeated, Brenner met with Forsythe to discuss the terms of surrender. Forsythe asked that blame for the war be placed solely on him and that Brenner protect his troops in exchange for their surrender, to which Brenner agreed. However, after Greyfield had Forsythe executed and ordered the same be done to the Lazurian troops, Brenner and the 12th Battalion defected from the New Rubinelle Army and helped the Lazurian forces escape.

Declaring Brenner a traitor, Greyfield ordered his troops to find and kill Brenner. While the 12th Battalion and Lazurian Army escaped, Brenner stayed behind to fend off the NRA troops. Injured, Brenner gives his final goodbyes to Will and Lin over the radio before dying when Greyfield orders a nuke to be dropped on Brenner's location, getting blown up along with several NRA troops.

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