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I can't do that! I'm not a killer.
~ Brent Magna refusing to kill the Kid.

Brent Magna is the main protagonist of the 2013 film Getaway. He was a race driver who retired and noticed his wife was stolen by an anonymous man.


Racing Life



During December, Magna arrived at his house and realized his wife was taken.

Following The Voice

The Voice told Magna to steal a limited edition Shelby Super Snake and do numerous tasks or his wife dies a painful death.

The Kid

Magna had a surprise visitor with a gun in her hand telling him to leave the car.

Final Task


Magna finally got to see his wife again.


Magna is a courageous and fierce racer who wants to follow orders.


  • "I CAN'T! I've got a kid in the car!"
  • "Do not ever point a gun at me, you hear me!? Do not EVER point a gun at anyone!"
  • "Just strap yourself in!"
  • "STAY in the car!"


  • He is played by Ethan Hawke.
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