Brian Doheny
Brian Doheny (often referred to by his gamertag BrianD), is the protagonist of video game High School and currently a member of the FPS Junior Varsity team. Brian's journey begins after he beats The Law, a world-famous amateur gamer on live television, and subsequently receives international attention and an invitation into the prestigious VGHS.

He becomes close friends with Ted Wong and Ki Swan and develops romantic feelings for Jenny Matrix, Junior Varsity FPS captain and girlfriend of The Law, who makes it a priority to humiliate and torment Brian at every turn so as to destroy him and his reputation.


Brian Doheny is a soft-spoken and gentle spirit, rarely showing any aggression. However, when provoked, Brian and his gaming performance become a force to be reckoned with. During Episode 6, after Jenny restores Brian's resolve, Brian defeats Games Dean and his two cronies in one fell swoop, winning the match, and redeeming his otherwise less than stellar performance. He has also been shown to have a limit to how much he can be pushed, finally giving into his anger against The Law in Episode 7, tackling and physically assaulting him repeatedly, having to be dragged away by Ted.

Throughout the series Brian is shown to care deeply for his friends and always trying to do the right thing. This is best exemplified when he stands up and fights (albeit slightly unwillingly) for Ted after he is bullied in Episode 2. Brian also showed remorse after Annihilist was expelled as a result of Brian's victory over him, and even contemplates leaving VGHS after the event. Brian also has been shown to not hold a grudge, having forgiven Games Dean in Episode 9 after the latter defends his decision to return to VGHS for the clan tryouts.

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