Brice Agostini aka Brice de Nice is the main anti hero of the movie Brice de Nice and it's sequel Brice 3.

Brice de Nice

Brice lives for one thing: the perfect wave to surf, despite the fact that Nice lies on a completely waveless bay on the Mediterranean Sea. While waiting, he uses his rich father's money to throw outrageous parties and develop hilarious insults, as well as worship the film Point Break.

When his father is arrested for money laundering, however, things change: Brice's life comes crashing down around him, and after failing to hold down a job, he soon finds himself attempting bank robbery. He lands in hospital after the failed robbery attempt, and runs away from there with the guy whose scooter he hijacked while escaping the bank. The two become friends.

Stealing Brice's father's lawyer's wife's truck, the two cross France to the Atlantic coast to attend a world surfing championship at Hossegor. With $100,000 in prize money, winning the tournament seems the only chance for the two to help themselves: Brice needs the money to support his lavish lifestyle, while his friend needs it for an operation in his foot (because he has one toe).

Brice "talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk", and, predictably, fails at the surf competition. Though all seems lost, the two eventually find success of a sort: Brice surfs his perfect wave, while his friend sets off to travel the world with his newfound love.

Brice 3

When his friend Marius calls for help, Brice must save him from a coming danger...

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