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Bridget is a female Bergen who the admirer, later girlfriend and eventual wife of King Gristle Jr., the daughter-in-law of King Gristle Sr., the Queen of Bergen Town, the deuteragonist in the 2016 film Trolls and its 2017 TV special Trolls Holiday and a minor character in it's 2020 sequel Trolls World Tour.

She is voiced by Zooey Deschanel who also voiced Lani Aliikai in Surf Up.

Her Story


Unlike all Bergens, Bridget was the only nice Bergen. She worked as a scullery maid for Chef and had a crush on the young king, Gristle Jr. ever since they were little.

With the help from Poppy and her friends, they make her beautiful "total babe" named Lady Glittersparkles to win the King's heart. When the Trolls were losing all hope. Branch made them have hope again before Bridget helped them to escape before its too late, when the Trolls finally escape the Bergens.

But Poppy, who was thinking that all Bergens need to be happy, came back to the castle to help Bridget to revealed herself as Lady Glittersparkles to King Gristle Jr. and conviced the Bergens that they don't need to eat Trolls to be happy. Bridget also helped the Trolls against Chef and Creek, who are later devoured by a giant monster.

Bridget is last seen dancing with King Gristle Jr. and the Trolls.

Trolls Holiday

In this special, Bridget is now married to Gristle Jr. and has become Queen of Bergen Town.

Following Chef's defeat, the Bergens have no holiday to celebrate. Poppy and the Trolls decide to give some of their holidays to the Bergens to celebrate. However when showing the holidays to Bridget and Gristle Jr., it ends badly and Bridget angrily has Poppy leave and tells her to give the Bergens space.

However, Bridget later feels guilty for being hard on the Trolls.

After the Trolls return to Bergen Town, they find it decorated by the Bergens. Bridget and Poppy also patch things up.

Trolls World Tour

Bridget along with Gristle Jr. appears in the post credits scene.


  • Bridget is similar to Cinderella
    • Both act as scullery maids to someone (Chef and Lady Tremaine and Ugly Step-Sisters)
    • Both are in love with royalty (King Gristle and Prince Charming)
    • Both disguise themselves and charm their love interest.
    • Both when leaving, leave behind footwear which their love interest keeps (Rollerskate and Glass Slipper)
    • Both their love interests discover who they are and accept it


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