Bridget (Vampirina)

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Bridget is a major character in the Disney Junior TV series Vampirina. She is one of Vampirina's human friends, alongside Poppy Peepleson.


Similar to Edna Peepleson, Bridget can be somewhat cowardly because she gets easily scared from monsters she's never seen. She is also smart, funny, kind, friendly, but also shy as she gets scared from getting in front of people. and she gets nervous whenever she got seasick, whenever she somewhat sets foot on a ride (Especially on a Boat).

Physical appearance

Bridget is a tall girl and has orange hair which is worn in a ponytail. She has fair skin and blue eyes. She wears a pink shirt, purple sleeves, a yellow skirt, blue leggings, and pink and white sneakers. She is 10 years old.

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