Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Formerly known as Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart) was one of the founders of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.

He was portrayed by the late Nicholas Courtney.


Early Life

Alistair was born to a long line of soldiers, nearly 400 years worth, dating back to the Stewarts from Lanark and the Lethbridges from Devon. He was of Scottish descent. His Grandfather, Great Uncle and father were all born in Scotland. Alistair was born in February of either 1929 or 1930. to Mary and Gordon Conall Lethbridge-Stewart. He was apparently raised in India and went to an English prep school. Unfortunately, his mother apparently died after he left for England. According to another account, he was born in Cornwall.

Alistair's older brother and his friends soon created a group called the "Bledoe Cadets" which Alistair was not allowed to join due to being too young. When he kept following them, he was dropped into cowpats and drenched in order to make him stop. At one point, Alistair went to a park with his brother and friends where they began jumping over a small gorge to impress a group of girls. Alistar tried to jump across the gorge, but fell due to his underdeveloped legs.

On February 20, Alistair's birthday party was held (His birthday was 2 days later but it was on a school night, thus judged to be a poor time for his birthday party), an event he was looking forward to as it would be a day where his family would finally pay attention to him instead of his brother. Unfortunately, he wound up arguing with his brother about whether James' friend Maha had destroyed their relationship. As their mother took James away, Alistair broke down crying over his ruined birthday.

A week before James' birthday in the same year, his mother announced to the boys that their father would be returning home for the day to be with them. James did not want to see his father, and ran into the woods. Alistair and Ray went to look for him, and found him standing at the clearing over Golitha Falls. Crying, James said that Maha had come for Alistair and had meant to hurt him. He said that he should never have listened to the voice, and apologised for how he had been acting. The Great Intelligence then forced James to jump to his death, in an act of spite against Alistair for thwarting it in his later years.

Alistair was too short to retrieve his brother's body. The three were soon found by a group of adults who had heard Ray scream, even though Ray did not remember screaming. In Christmas of 1938, Alistair was given a box of toy soldiers by his grandfather who asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. During the London Blitz, Alistair spent a night in a public shelter in Eaton Square.

His Father Gordon was listed as "Missing In Action" in 1945, which ultimately cemented Alistair's dislike for the military service. That same year, his mother insisted that they move away from the town, believing that it was causing all the death in her life. The Great Intelligence spent some time tugging at their minds, slowly making memories of their home town unclear and even completely removing James from their memories. Alistair promised to keep in touch with Ray, but his broken memory stopped him from writing more than a few letters. He had started to grow close to his brother's girlfriend Jemima, but the removed memories made him lose touch with her as well.

Alistair and his mother and brother went on to live with his aunt Isobel and her husband, Uncle Tommy for a bit before they moved to Coleshill where his mother lived for the rest of her life. Alistair only stayed for a brief time due to school.

In the late 30s and early 40s, he went to Liskeard Grammar School. In 1943, he went to Harrow and Holborough, where he met someone called Teddy Fitzoliver. He learned basic French and a bit of Latin in school, but in sixth form, he dropped Latin. He was in the first eleven in a cricket team, played in a junior rugby team, and almost won the middleweight boxing championships during his last year at Fettes. Ironically, he read science fiction magazines but dismissed alien stories as a load of old rubbish.

Military Career

He originally studied to be a maths teacher before he was called upon for national service in the early 1950s. He served as a Private in the Korean War where he first met Second Lieutenant Spencer Pemberton, who impressed on young Lethbridge-Stewart the importance of being a military officer. He didn't want to be captured after his experiences in North Korea. When returning from North Korea in 1951, he decided to visit New York City.


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