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If you give up now you leave me alone, I would never do that to you!
~ -Brigitte to Ginger after Ginger tries to cut off her growing werewolf tail, in Ginger Snaps
I'm not like you Ginger, I'm stronger.
~ -Brigitte in Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

Brigitte Fitzgerald is the main protagonist of the Ginger Snaps trilogy film series. The events of the films revolve heavily with her struggle with werewolves alongside her sister Ginger. In all three films she is portrayed by Emily Perkins.


The first Brigitte Fitzgerald, ancestor of modern day Brigitte who was born almost 200 years later, was born to Canadian traders in 1815.  These events took place in Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning.  Brigitte pledges to protect her sister Ginger Fitzgerald, but she fails to prevent Ginger from getting infected by a werewolf bite.  At the end of the film, Brigitte and Ginger exchange blood, infecting Brigitte and proving her loyalty to her sister, but also beginning a curse affecting modern day Brigitte and her sister Ginger, where they inherit the werewolf curse.

In Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed, as the modern day Brigitte Fitzgerald, she is the second daughter of Pamela and Henry Fitzgerald.  She was 15 on the verge of 16 in these two films.  As events progress, Brigitte, in the beginning of Ginger Snaps, dedicates her life to following and protecting her sister, but she slowly shifts away from the mindset as she discovers Ginger's true inappreciation of her sister in the first place.  She later transforms into a werewolf as she was infected by Ginger's blood (who was infected herself from a werewolf attack), made apparent in Ginger Snaps II.


In Ginger Snaps Back:  The Beginning

The first Brigitte maintains an even relationship with Ginger Fitzgerald, where both sisters valued each other's opinions equally.  They share ideas that help them to survive their stay at the Fort, where they have refuge from werewolves chasing them.  Brigitte is compassionate, but also stern, where she tells off men who were trying to hurt Ginger.  In addition, later in the film, Brigitte bribes Wallace, pointing out that his son is as cursed as his sister, convincing him to let go of Ginger before he decides to kill her (because she is suspected of being a werewolf).  She is also very observant (telling Ginger that the men at the fort were suspicious). 

Brigitte strongly becomes determined to find a cure, convinced that killing the sire werewolf will cure Ginger. After Ginger was forced into exile from the fort, Brigitte insists on joining her sister.

At a ceremony performed by the Cree seer, who attempts to help the sisters, the seer explains it was too late to cure Ginger, and Brigitte must kill Ginger, or Ginger will kill her. In a revelation experienced by Brigitte, she learns of a werewolf legend that says the red and the black will choose the fate of the bloodline:  Brigitte pictures alternative realities where either Brigitte dies, and the land suffers forever, or Ginger dies, and the bloodline dies with her. 

When Brigitte gets the opportunity to kill Ginger, she instead kills the hunter, another supporting character, thus disproving the red and the black legend. The sisters flee the Fort together as the only survivors.  To continue the bond as sisters, Brigitte infects herself with Ginger's blood, and the sisters journey into the unknown, supposedly with their fates as werewolves.

In Ginger Snaps:

About 200 years later, Brigitte returns as Brigitte Fitzgerald with her sister, Ginger.  In this modern timeline, Brigitte lived with her sister in the town of Bailey Downs their whole lives and had a disdain toward mainstream society and everything it represented. The sisters were very close to each other, with Brigitte looking up to her sister and never leaving her sister's side.  At the age of eight, the sisters signed a suicide pact to be "out by sixteen, or together in the scene, but together forever."  In Ginger Snaps, Brigitte and Ginger were high school students at the ages of fifteen and sixteen.  Brigitte was in the same grade as Ginger, having skipped a grade.  With regards to their parents, the sisters act dismissive and passive, so that the Fitzgerald parents remain oblivious to the sisters and the problems they encounter, and ultimately provide little help to them.  The parents are almost absent as guardians as the sisters ignore what they say and disrespect them.

The Fitzgerald were looked down upon by their high school peers, but the primary target of the bullies was often Brigitte, who was perceived as the weaker of the two. Ginger serves as the protector and guardian of Brigitte. 

After being infected from a werewolf (The Beast of Bailey Downs), Ginger becomes more agressive in her behavior (particularily in a sexual way), and gets into a relationship with a boy named Jason McCardy, of whom Ginger has unprotected sex with.  Brigitte finds herself becoming further and further distanced from Ginger, as she decides to pursue her own interests, leaving Brigitte behind, and also breaks with the pact to be "united against life" and everything mainstream society represented.

However, Brigitte also starts "growing up" where in her attempts to protect Ginger and stop her transformation, she finds company with Sam.  However, Brigitte still finds great loyalty with her sister, where one night, Ginger is seen trying to cut off her tail, and Brigitte stops her, begging Ginger to persevere surviving until they can find a cure and then run away. 

Meanwhile, as Ginger saw Brigitte's locking up of her to see Sam as a betrayal (to her, she felt that Brigitte placed Sam over the sister's relationship), she also tells Brigitte that, in her eyes,  she is no longer interested in being cured, and offers to infect Brigitte, reminding them of their pact. Brigitte is seen transforming from the insecure younger sister to challenging her higher authority, denouncing Ginger for her murders and not accepting  the new life style. 

Later, Brigitte's assertiveness is seen again, where witnessing Ginger hurting Sam after he rejects Ginger's advances, Brigitte arrives at her breaking point, cutting her own hand and Ginger's, mingling their blood and infecting herself, signalling her loyalty to Ginger and to stop her from hurting more people. 

Her loyalty is unwavering, even after Ginger fully transforms and there is seemingly not hope to turn her back.  Giving Brigitte the cure, Sam tries to convince Brigitte to use the cure on herself and to run away with him together, but Brigitte denies his request, viewing her loyalty to her sister and curing her as more important. 

In a turn of events, when trying to save Sam after he was taken away by the transformed Ginger-wolf, Brigitte starts licking up the blood from the still living Sam to convince Ginger to not attack him. However, Brigitte snaps to her senses and then refuses to become savage like Ginger.  Sensing that she will die regardless, Brigitte announces that she will not die in the room.  Killing Ginger when she lands on the knife, with eyes full of tears, Brigitte glances up at the bedroom wall of polaroid pictures and various crafts the sisters made to represent remarks in their adventures together, regretful of the situation, in contrast to the submissive Brigitte at the beginning of the film.

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