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Brillo is a supporting character in Beethoven's 2nd. He is portrayed by Kevin Dunn


Brillo was first seen at the park with his dog Missy when they meet Beethoven the Newton's pet dog and gives them some ice cream.

Regina his ex-wife arrives to claim Missy and introduces him to his new boyfriend Floyd and informs Brillo to call her lawyer if he want his dog back, call her lawyer, which he will.

Brillo later received a call from Regina that she will return Missy to him as soon he hands her check. However unknown to him that Regina and Floyd snatched 4 puppies from the Newtons and are also after Beethoven.

Five months later, Brillo who overheard what happened at the mountains and what Regina and Floyd were doing; committing a crime, visits the Newtons with Missy and informs them that the divorce had granted him full custody of her and denied Regina's claim and she and Floyd are arrested for their crimes.

Brillo did not appear and mentioned in the other sequels and it is unknown what happened to him. It is probably assumed that he still lives with Missy and presumed to got remarry after disowning Regina and Floyd for their crimes, while the Newtons went for Europe, when George gets a job there and Beethoven is sent to stay with his brother Richard Newton.