Britina is a pop singer featured on the television show Kim Possible. She is voiced by Tara Strong who also voices Timmy Turner, Ben Tennyson, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Melody, Raven, Sari Sumdac, Clara, Batgirl, Bubbles, etc.


Despite being a famous singer, Britina was still very down to earth. She admittedly missed out on typical teen experiences, such as school dances, and this may be part of why she was such good friends with Kim Possible, who in turn did not mind sharing details of her own high school troubles.


Britina gave Team Possible a ride to Tokyo as thanks for saving her Chicago show from a fire backstage. Kim admitted she was scared of approaching Josh Mankey, to which Britina advised her to just go for it. Ron then asked Britina to be his date for a school dance, but she turned him down. Britina's doll line was endangered when the engine was stolen from the factory production floor by the Bebe robots. A little girl named Midge reported on Kim's website that her local store was out of Britina dolls, alerting Wade to a nation-wide shortage of the dolls. Team Possible intervened and shut the Bebes down for the second time.

Despite her latest successful CD, "Hail Britina", going double-platinum–and therefore not hurting for finances–Britina was falsely accused of stealing cash from a safe of the "Born to Shop" reality show's wrap party. Sent to jail, she contacted Team Possible for help.

Team Possible discovered that Britina's supposed friend, Camille Leon–one of the stars on "Born to Shop"–had been disinherited and was a common factor in a recent string of similar "celeb gone bad" robberies. Jim and Tim Possible eventually exposed Camille as a shape-shifter.


Britina stated she considered Kim and Ron "best friends forever from way back," although she had trouble recalling Ron's name. Likewise, Britina's word was enough for Kim to believe she was innocent, even while visiting her in jail.

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