Broccoli s a character introduced in Neptunia V. It is believed she is a magic user. She is a DLC character which must be downloaded to use.


While she is very cute and quiet looking, Broccoli is actually very blunt. This tends to come out when annoyed or when pointing out flaws she notices. She has no tolerance for idiocy and is often compared to Histoire.

That said, she has strong destructive tendencies towards anything that she feels is inappropriate. Her response to Linda's factory for producing pirating material is eloquently put "Smashy, smashy, Nyu."


Broccoli is a fair skinned little girl, appearing to be younger then or about the age of Gust. She has dull yellow-brown eyes and is a light brunette. Her hair is almost the size of her body and worn in two pigtails with two bells holding each one. Her long bangs frame her face and she has two un-even cowlicks. On her head she wears a yellow cat eared hat on her head with a tiny kitty face, single stitch, a daisy, and few brown stripes on each ear.

Broccoli wears an outfit resembling a school uniform. It consists of a white top with red bow-tie and green collar with green lines. The skirt matches the neck, and she also wears black flats with green socks, and a big white bow where her yellow cat tail comes out.

During the hot-springs event in Neptunia Re;Birth 2, it is revealed that she has actual cat ears and a real tail, as she is practically naked, with Gema hiding all her inappropriate features.


  • Broccoli represents the company Broccoli, who made the Di Gi Charat Anime Series.
  • Broccoli's appearance is based on Petit Charat a.k.a Puchiko from the Di Gi Charat series, they also shares the same Japanese voice actress.
  • Broccoli adds "nyu" in the end of her sentences, just like Puchiko.
  • Upon meeting her, Neptune nicknamed her "Puchiko". Something that Broccoli herself is quite annoyed about.
  • Broccoli's yellow flying object, Gema, is based on Puchiko's Guardian, also called Gema.


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