Brocken is one of the heroes from the World Heroes series.


Brocken is a warrior whose body was transformed by Dr. Suggar Brown into a strong robot whose body is run by oil. Due to remodeling, his ability and judgment are comparable to high-performance computers. While his body has been rebuilt, hiding every part of the weapon, and even the ability to fly, plus his newly discovered skills, he is a terrifying opponent. At his fingertips alone, Brocken can give an impact of 100,000 volts. Even if he seems to have no emotions (except for his love of destruction), repeated mistakes in his system can cause emotions to surface in rare circumstances.

This was done so that he could fight for Hitler and help Nazism win the World War II. Brocken was promoted to the rank of major and became the pride of the country, but Germany still lost the war. After their defeated, Dr. Brown reprogrammed Broken as a kind force and helped him to participate in the World Hero Championship and beat Giggs. Brocken is very proud of his technology and doesn't even sweat his opponent.

He is also participated in the Second World Hero tournament, and Dr. Brown worked with him to further strengthen his body as a gift. Broken gained a thousand times more body, but didn't like how it performed poorly on a date. Brocken came back with his old body in the third world hero and intended to prove that he had a warm heart under his cold mechanical body. In order to show Dr. Brown how his German technology is the best in the world, Brocken enthusiastically demonstrated his abilities to Dr. Brown, flaying away. However, the doctor wants to know if he is going to collapse.


  • Due to his obvious references towards Nazism, the European version of World Heroes changed his appearance in order to resemble less the Nazi uniform.
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