Brokenbrella is a character from Yo-Kai Watch. He is a type of tsukumogami, yokai which develop from used items and tools, having formed from a cheap umbrella that was discarded by it's owner when it turned inside out during storm. The joy over being picked over the more expensive umbrella's, followed by this abandonment caused him to develop as a vengeful yo-kai who can turn people's umbrella's inside out.

In Yo-Kai Watch 2, he is initially disgusted over Ray O'Light and Drizzelda's public display of affection. However when Eyeclone begins to set upon and attack the couple for what they are doing, he goes to find someone who can save them. When Nathan Adams (or alternatively Katie Forester), defeats Eyeclone, he gives them his yo-kai medal to show his gratitude. He is then shown looking pleased when Ray O'Light and Drizzelda return to their lovey-dovy antics, commenting that they're absorbed in their own world.


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