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Bromley is a recurring character in "The Swan Princess". He serves as Prince Derek's best friend. He is a major character in The Swan Princess and a supporting character in the sequels. He first appears in the first movie and makes his last appearance in the fifth film.

Brom is very cowardly, but still frequently leads his lifelong chap, Derek, a helping hand when there's the real danger, especially Rothbart.

He is one of the funniest, devoted and mostly got into trouble besides Jean-Bob. He is also the one who got pestered by Rogers a lot, like in the first for "Catch and Fire", the "Suspect's footprint" and was grabbed by Rogers and thrown into a mud puddle.

He knew Odette since they were children. At first, he didn't like Odette and will often tease her along with Derek. Later, he grew fond of her.

Bromley always faints at the end of all three of the original movies: the first, he sees a shadow on the wall which Rogers claims to be the Great Animal back from the dead, but it was merely Uberta's hair styled into the shape of a swan. In the second, he faints after Odette changes back into a human from a swan. And in the third, while commenting to a young woman (who looks like one of the princesses from the first film) that the obstacle course "doesn't even have a snake pit", she points to a snake that has just appeared from the tree, and at the sight of it, Bromley faints.


Bromley is an obese man and has long dark brown hair, a pair of green eyes, a big triangular nose and pale skin. He wears a dark brown medieval edge dagged neck collar, a light brown shirt with gray long sleeves, a brown belt a golden buckle on a brown belt, long dark brown pants and a pair of brown boots with dark gray folded cuffs over brown boots.


Bromley is similar to Globox From Rayman and Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy

  • Bromley is not the most fighter and he is more cowardly then Ed and Globox but they are sidekick, they always run from the fight from enemies and they got capture by Razorbread, the Kankers, and even Rothbart, they came help defeat villain like Globox giving Rayman a ride and help him to defeat Andre(Rayman) and his entire Hoodlums armys, and Ed saves Eddy by pulling a hinge on the door to his place causing it to smack him into a coma, and Bromley (who escaped from the dungeon after being captured by Rothbart early) shot an arrow to Prince Derek. Being a pro at "Catch and Fire", he caught the arrow and shot Rothbart in the heart, which kills him and sending him falling into the lake, exploding in a flash of magic lights.

The name Bromley is an English name for 'meadow where broom grows' and a town in South East London, England.


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