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Fear? Bronya lives with it since Bronya was born.
~ Bronya to Gray Serpent when the latter tells her that he knows her fear.

Bronya Zaychik (Russian: Броня Зайчик) is one of the two protagonists of Honkai Impact 3rd alongside Raiden Mei. She is a Russian orphan raised to be an assassin during the aftermath of the 2nd Honkai War who was eventually sent to assassinate Cocolia, where she was taken to be raised in an orpahanage rather than killed by the Anti-Entropy member. The experiments she endured there gave her the ability to use Honkai Energy, allowing her to gain access to levitative and telepathic abilities, at the cost of losing her emotions and mobility.

She is voiced by Hanser in Chinese and Kana Asumi in Japanese.

Appearance and Personality

As the youngest of her classmates, Bronya has a short and slim stature with piercing silver eyes. She keeps her silver-gray hair tied up in signature double pigtails in a drill shape and includes a matching ribbon that coordinates with her battlesuits. Her main weapon is cannons (that function either as typical cannons and lasers) that are wielded by her robotic companion, Project Bunny 19C. As her legs are robotic, she has the ability to move around by floating. She is also able to walk normally, but rarely bothers to.

Due to an event in her past, Bronya rarely shows emotion except in the most dire of circumstances. However, she does have a fondness for sarcasm and pointing out Kiana's flaws, oftentimes referring to her as "baka Kiana" (lit. idiot Kiana). She also collects and displays HOMU merchandise, something she has in common with Principal Theresa.

Despite her lone wolf personality, Bronya does work well with the other girls, and is shown to protect Mei against Kiana's constant advances. Her cold personality and prowess with Project Bunny allows her to take a more back-line role in battle, where she can use her cool head to deploy support abilities or devastating long-range attacks. Before her injuries that lead to her robotic limbs, Bronya is shown to be skilled at hand-to-hand and improvisational combat, and is a supremely skilled sniper. While she is still the main sniper of the Valkyries, she rarely has a need for physical combat and simply uses Project Bunny to occasionally knock back enemies.


Before the 3rd Honkai War

Bronya Zaychik was born in Siberia, shortly before the second Honkai incident. The honkai attack in 2000 caused Siberia and surrounding regions to fall into disorder and many children were placed into the Army, where they were trained to become cold-blooded killers. Bronya was one such orphan, and became a skilled sniper earning the nickname, Ural Silver Wolf. Bronya was sent to Russia to assassinate a high priority target, Kukuria (sometimes spelled Kakaria). Bronya failed, and was instead captured by her target, who brought her to her own orphanage. There, Kukuria became Bronya's Mother. Unknown to Bronya and the other children, the orphanage was part of Anti-Entropy and they were injected with the Honkai virus for Experiment X-10. The experiment allowed human cells and the Honkai virus to coexist within the human body and was a way to ensure humanity's survival. If successful, the test subjects would be able to control matter on a subatomic or quantum level, but failure would result in the subject's death. Bronya is registered as the 8th candidate, with the previous 7 ending in failure.

At the orphanage, Bronya befriends Seele Vollerei, a younger girl who sees Bronya as a big sister. The two of them become close friends and share a room. Two years after joining the orphanage, Seele is kidnapped to be sold for her special abilities. Bronya storms the kidnappers' hideout by herself, breaking the guard's neck with one of her stockings and then killing the men inside with only a knife for a weapon. However, Bronya's skill at killing and bloodied appearance frighten Seele, causing Bronya to promise never to hurt anyone again.

Years later, in 2013, a classmate named Sin Mal becomes jealous of Bronya and Seele's friendship, and pushes Bronya down the stairs injuring her legs. Bronya lies about her injury to Kukuria, saying she fell down the stairs by accident. Kukuria sees through Bronyas lie, however she simply reminds the young girl to make her goodbyes before the start of Experiment X-10. Afterwards, Seele tells Bronya what she had witnessed: the assault from Sin Mal. Bronya assures Seele that she will protect her while keeping her promise to never hurt anyone. After the kidnapping incident though, Seele experienced an awakening of another self. This other self convinces her to take revenge against Sin Mal on Bronya's behalf, and mentally tortures Sin Mal. Seele returns to her senses and discovers the page Sin Mal was holding, which reveals that Bronya is set to participate in Experiment X-10. Seele confronts Kukuria, revealing that she has a stigmata mark on her body, and asks to take Bronya's place in the experiment, fearing her friend's death.

The next day, Bronya awakens to find Seele and Kukuria missing. She searches for her friend while Seele proceeds with the experiment. Although the tests are briefly successful, Seele's body begins to break down on the molecular level. Seele's other self, a stigmata, appears to inform Seele that the power was to much for her to handle, but that she can visit Bronya one last time. Seele takes off towards the orphanage, pursued by Anti-Entropy's mechs, but just before reaching Bronya her body fully disintegrates and she disappears. Bronya finds a hairpin left behind by Seele and cries. Kukuria informs Bronya that Seele attempted the X-10 Experiment, but it resulted in failure and Seele is now trapped in a quantum state.

Bronya forces Kukuria to allow her to take part in the experiment too. Kukuria reluctantly agrees, but warns Bronya that it will only be attempted for 5 minutes, or else Bronya's injured legs will become infected by the Honkai energy and be destroyed, possibly killing her in the process. The experiment begins and Bronya meets Seele, having already decided that she would stay in the quantum state with Seele and never return to the real world. Seele convinces Bronya to go back and Bronya agrees, promising that she will search for a way to save Seele. As the Honkai infection grows within Bronya, Seele gifts her the power of "Rebuild" and kisses Bronya, sending her back to the real world. When she awakens, a giant robotic protector has appeared, later named Project Bunny 19C. However, Bronya loses many things from the results of the experiment, including the use of her legs and emotions. She is fitted with an exoskeleton to allow her to move, and driven by her promise to Seele, Bronya and Kukuria try many methods to save her friend. However, they all end in failure.

They finally pin their hopes on the power of a Herrscher to bring Seele back. This Herrscher, named Raiden Mei would be their last hope. Kukuria sends Bronya to Nagazora city to retrieve the awakened Mei, but instead, Kiana interferes, helping to seal away the Herrscher within Mei. Bronya sneaks aboard Himeko's battleship and later becomes a student at St. Freya Academy with her new friends, Mei and Kiana.


Valkyrie system, starting When Selected
Captain! While Bronya is on duty, don't even try to bully HOMU When Waiting for Battle
Yes, Master When Moving
Unconditional shooting permissions, confirmed When Enemy Appears
System Warning: First-grade battle preparation When Enemy Appears
Coin collecting complete When Collecting Coins
Unparalleled Mode, full throttle When Using Ultimate Evasion
Bunny Charm When Using Ultimate (1)
Void Explosion When Using Ultimate (2)
Cosmos Break When Using Ultimate (3)
Ritual, ban lifted After Using Ultimate
Project Bunny 19c, ОБНОВИТЬ (UPDATE) When Ranking Up
Mission... failed... When Mission Has Failed
All enemies silenced. Returning home When Mission Has Succeeded


Bronya Zaychik.png


Valkyrie Armor Story

[Valkyrie Chariot] is Bronya Zaychik's [Valkyrie] battlesuit.

This Psychic type ranged battlesuit is capable of using force fields to control the enemy. Her Void Explosion ultimate skill creates a large black hole to control enemy actions, pull them inward, and deal a bleeding effect to them.

When [Valkyrie Chariot] enters the battlefield and her Gravity Shatter ability is activated, [Project Bunny 19C]'s fist will slam the ground, dealing heavy damage to nearby enemies.

Valkyrie Chariot is Bronya's special Schicksal Far East Branch Valkyrie Uniform.

Given Bronya's unique attributes, her uniform has special mechanical features that differ from Kiana and Mei's designs.

Having been affected by the X-10 Project, Bronya could no longer use her legs and can only walk with the help of prosthetics. After enrolling in St. Freya, Schicksal modified Bronya's prosthetics to better fit them to her Valkyrie battlesuit.

Bronya enjoys levitating in the air, but the mods actually allow her to walk normally.

People said that Bronya wrote: "No special requests" for the Battlesuit Customization Request Form, so Principal Theresa took the liberty of adding special requests (based on her own preferences) for Bronya. Theresa welcomes the girl from the Anti-Entropy and hopes she'll have fulfilling academic career at St. Freya.

Truth to be known, Theresa's design seem perfect for Bronya. After all, the girl prodigy and the Principal share similar stature.

Snowy Sniper.png

Snowy sniper

Bronya's Creature type battlesuit, which she used when carrying out sniping military exercises in her younger years. She always remembers the first time she met Seele.

When [Snowy Sniper] enters the battlefield and triggers her Ice Shadow skill, she can immediately perform an ultimate evasion. When [Snowy Sniper] enters the battlefield with enemies knocked airborne, she will freeze nearby enemies and deal massive damage.

When Bronya becomes surrounded by the enemy, [Snowy Sniper] can cast her снег ultimate skill, summoning the Siberian winds and freezing all enemies. Also, снег deals additional damage to enemies in time lock.

With her powerful control abilities, [Snowy Sniper] will prove to be an effective choice against most enemies. Captain, be sure to make good use of this battlesuit~

Clothing that once belonged to the [Ural Silver Wolf]. The warm wool jacket is capable of withstanding the extreme Siberian environment, but is useless when it comes to warming a girl's icy heart.

In the year 2000, the emergence of the second Honkai caused the Siberian region to sink into disorder. Many of the resulting orphans were raised by the military, and trained to be heartless killing machines. The [Ural Silver Wolf] was one of these kids.

In her last assassination mission, [Ural Silver Wolf] met her assassination target, Kakaria. However, Kakaria took her to an orphanage, where the life of Bronya Zaychik began.

Bronya has kept this battlesuit until now to remember her time spent in the orphanage.

As Bronya has taken good care of it, it has retained the same color and luster as it had in those times. However, for the things she was not able to keep, she is still waiting to hear a familiar voice say once again, "sister".

Yamabuki Armor

Yamabuki Armor.png

Bronya's Psychic type Valkyrie battlesuit. Because of its bright colors, it's said to catch people eyes like beautiful flowers blowing in the wind on the mountainside.

Besides her usual long-range cannon, Yamabuki Armor can use a shield to block and counterattack nearby enemies.

Bronya can keep her defenses up until the moment the enemy attacks, using her Dimension Field skill to counterattack the enemy. If she successfully counterattacks an enemy attacking at range, then she can use the Shield Charge skill to deal continuous fire damage to enemies.

After her Overdrive ultimate skill is activated, she overloads her mechas limitations and attacks nearby enemies in a frenzy.3rd generation Valkyrie battlesuit and part of the "Ranged Support Specialist Battlesuit". Although it stands out from combat-themed battlesuit, Bronya still pinned a HOMU badge at the collar. Yamabuki Armor is a ranged-support battlesuit that features Honkai-powered protective shielding. The shielding is centered around the wearer and is capable of defeating most solid projectiles or particle beam weapon attacks. The shield can still be overwhelmed by extremely powerful attacks such as powerful blows from melee Honkai Beasts. Yamabuki Armor wearers are expected to be familiar with shield activation and deactivation protocols. The shield must be momentarily switched off to launch precision ranged attacks against the target.

But Bronya doesn't exactly wield a weapon herself. In fact, all combat is handled by Project Bunny 19C. She can simply stay within the shield to provide support. This makes her the ideal wearer of the Yamabuki Armor.

Drive Kometa.png

Drive Kometa

Drive Kometa is the Core Augment of Yamabuki Armor that introduces powerful changes to her arsenal and new skills! Her Basic ATK now has the Crippling Bolt passive which greatly increases an enemy's vulnerability. Her shield now grants powerful buffs for Physical DMG. Her QTE and Ultimate also pulls enemies closer!

Wolf's Dawn

Wolf's Dawn.png

The battlesuit that was worn by Bronya when she was in Anti-Entropy. The earrings she wears with this were a gift she received from [Mother].

In the X-10 experiment in 2013, the girl named Bronya lost many things... Her legs, her emotions, as well as some things that she would have never wanted to lose.

A lonely girl, standing on the battlefield... Her only command is to kill, and that command seems as if it is the only way that she can sense that she is still alive on this world. With thoughts like these, this girl meets her mission's target in the ruins of Nagazora city... Bronya has woken up, she had a dream, a nightmare from a long, long time ago. The familiar sound of snoring can be continually heard in the room next door. She climbed out of her bed in St. Freya's Dormitory, and slowly came to the window. Dawn's light shone through the curtains onto Bronya's face. She met the new light closing her eyes, and the nightmare seemed to have already dissipated from her mind. This moment was the fated dawn of the [Ural Silver Wolf].

Dimension Breaker

Dimension Breaker.png

Bronya's Mecha type Valkyrie battlesuit. Because it is implanted with microchips developed by the mysterious Anti-Entropy organization, it is capable of breaking away and battling independently of Bronya.

When [Dimension Breaker] enters battle, she knocks nearby enemies airborne and causes time lock. Combined with Particle Cannon's charged shot, her DPS can be greatly increased.

Besides lowering incoming damage with her shield, Bronya can also use her Dimension Drop evasion skill to counterattack. By letting her defenses down at the moment she is about to be hit, she can knock nearby enemies airborne, paralyze them, and inflict time lock. Of course, this skill also has minor damage resistance and speed buffs, which serve well to increase this Valkyrie's survivability.

When she casts her ultimate, Project Bunny, her mech arms enter an invincible status and attack the enemy in a frenzy for several seconds before self-destructing. At the same time, Bronya's body will overload with power, granting her the ability to attack with a laser, sweeping the battlefield and hitting enemies that normally would dodge incoming attacks

Bronya is not a solo player, her favorite way to battle is together with other people.

So sometimes, she will see [Project Bunny 19C] and imagine things like, [It would be so good if bunny wasn't a cold machine, but a friend with its own will].

in-game prototype character from legendary player [Alloy Equipped Bronya]. The crown-shaped shoulder armor is clear proof that she is the strongest.

Also, this is the strongest appearance that Bronya every imagined for herself.Cute, yet elegant open sleeves, along with a youthful hood and wing decorations full of character... these all work to ingeniously bring these completely different elements together. It's clear that Bronya put a lot of effort into this outfit.

Black Nucleus

Black Nucleus.png

A specialized battlesuit designed specifically for assassination. Black Nucleus takes advantage of various combat techniques to impair the enemy and attack them from behind to do massive amounts of damage.

The girl continued her life alongside her friends, thinking that she was already free of her past. But as soon as she heard that cold voice once again, she suddenly realized that she never actually escaped that horrible nightmare...

"Run for your life" - the girl wasn't able to get the words out in time.

She watched herself begin attacking those whom she loved, yet there was nothing she could do to stop.

Afterwards, the Far East Branch analyzed the power of Black Nucleus. Different than Schicksal's highly mobile battlesuits, this Anti-Entropy battlesuit was outfitted with an arsenal of highly destructive weapons, providing firepower comparable to that of a small army.

- This battlesuit was not created with defense in mind, but rather complete annihilation.

Herrscher of Reason


Herrscher of Reason.png

Bronya assumed this form after incorporating the Core of Reason in the Sea of Quanta. This is the living proof that she earned the approval of Welt Yang. In this state, both Project Bunny and Bronya herself underwent several "rational" changes.

But only to a limited extent.The Herrscher of Reason uses Honkai energy to construct items that she "fully understands". As a result, most of the powers were based on Project Bunny. Though Bronya could not manifest powerful mechs, ships, or other military hardware like Welt, she was able to manipulate Project Bunny in unimaginable ways. Bronya may have improved her Honkai resistance during X-10, the Core could still pose a threat to her. Extended use of Core Powers will damage her body, much like it did to Welt Yang.

Bronya was hardly concerned about that. Her focus remained on her search for the Gem of Desire, Seele, and a chance to rescue Welt Yang from the Sea of Quanta.


  • Bronya rarely shows empathy or acts coordinately with others. However, she adores HOMUs and Seele, and symphatizes with Wendy. When she became the Herrscher of Reason, the Core of Reason repaired her legs and brain, allowing her to feel the emotions she had lost.
  • She has a grown-up personality, and has a very logical way of thinking. On the other hand, she cannot understand concepts based on intuition, which is what Kiana often does.
  • Generally she will use a polite pattern of speech towards everyone, but towards the ones she think are idiots (in this case, Kiana and the Captain), she would use a cynical and straight-to-your-face manner.
  • She is an top-gamer with the MMORPG game account is at rank 98 of 100 named "Metal Gear Bronya", even having a stash of games that she doesn't share with anyone except worthy opponents and worthwhile friends.
  • When fighting, she will always fight with Remodelled Bunny 19C.
  • Bronya is known having over 1 million gold in stock, have superior stock trading skill and bought the miHoYo company from Liu Wei, as stated in the Summer Memories plotline.
  • Cocolia actually knew Bronya's father, named Alexey Zaychik, during the 2nd Honkai Eruption, he was killed and the life of his wife, Bronya's mother, remains unknown.


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