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1,825 days... that's how long I spent locked up in that hellhole. I counted every single one. I counted days, I counted cracks in the ceilling, I counted how many times I've blinked in a f---ing hour, just to take my mind off everything I was missing on the outside!
~ Brooke to Donna Chambers
A day in the sun doesn't erase five years of darkness.
~ Brooks' most famous quote

Brooke Thompson is the main protagonist of American Horror Story: 1984. She was origianlly a wide-eyed ingenue whose new friends coerce her into spending a hellish summer at Camp Redwood.

However, after a long string of traumatic event in Camp Redwood, Brooke was met with people who tried to kill her, as well as becoming manipulated by the serial murder's mastermind. As a result, she took the fall and was put in jail for five years for (framed) murders. She was rescued by the redeemed Donna Chambers and went back to Camp Redwood in order to seek vengeance against the mastermind.

She is portrayed by Emma Roberts, who also portrayed Maggie Esmerelda, Poppy Moore, Nancy Drew and Addie Singer.


Originally, Brooke was presented as an innocent, friendly and naive young girl who shared a liking towards studying about serial killers. However, she was easily tormented by peer-pressure and seemed to be fragile. However, after she was framed by Margaret Booth and took fall for her crimes, Brooke slowly became more wrathful and aggresive. When she escaped thanks to Donna Chambers, Brooke sworn revenge against Margaret for framing her and stealing her life, and even nearly killed Stacey wPhillps who intended to exploit her traumatized experience (though it was stopped by Donna).

However, Brooke still had some kind side like how she still act kindly towards Ray's ghost. She also rescued a dying Trevor by dragging him back into the Camp Redwood, where he could became a ghost and be together with Montana forver. She also let Montana's murderous attempt at her life five years ago bygone, saying she wouldn't become someone like Montana.

Years after Margaret's death, Brooke returned back to her peaceful life and became once again a pleasant, caring and helpful woman, who took care of her new family and assisted Bobby II on searching for his father.



  • Brooke is Emma Roberts' first AHS character who survived near the end of the season she appeared in. She is also the first full-fledged heroine she had portrayed in AHS since the redeemed Madison Montgomery in Apocalypse.
  • Brooke's characterization is presumably a homage to all of the protagonists in the 1980s American slasher horror movies, including Sidney Prescott from Scream franchise (whilst it became an irony considering Emma Roberts' role in Scream 4). The survival of Brooke makes her to fit the Final Girl trope.


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