The secret of the Grail has been safe for a thousand years. And for all that time the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword has been prepared to do anything to keep it safe.
~ Kazim to Indiana Jones.

The Brotherhood Of The Cruciform Sword was an organization featured in the Indiana Jones movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Brotherhood worked to protect the Holy Grail and keep it from being misused by evil people.

The Brotherhood was formed in about the 10th century A.D after the Grail resurfaced in what would later become Hatay. They built a Temple of the Son into an existing Greco-Roman facade carved into a cliff in order to house the Grail.

The Brotherhood still existed in the 1930s and was led by a Turkish man named Kazim. Learning that the Nazis were trying to locate the Grail to use for their own evil ends, they moved to prevent the Grail from being found again. The group attacked Indiana Jones until Jones revealed that he was not after the grail, but came to find his father.

Later, the Brotherhood confronted the Nazis in the desert near Iskenderun. Outmatched by the Nazi's military equipment, the Brotherhood was decimated in the Nazi counterattack, with Kazim dying last. Before dying, Kazim attempted to warn Walter Donovan and Elsa Schneider that the Grail held everlasting damnation for the unworthy.

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