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The Brotherhood of Steel are a major faction in the Fallout series, usually appearing as protagonist faction that can assist the player character. They are a group of soldiers and scientists originally formed from a United States Military unit stationed at Mariposa Military Base before the Great War. Disgusted by the horrific human experiments conducted at the base, the soldiers defected from the military and formed the Brotherhood shortly following the nuclear exchange between the US and China, making it their mission to recover and store technology in the Wasteland to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Technology and Weapons

The Brotherhood have access to a high tec pre-war arsenal with weapons such as laser guns, gatling lasers, plasma guns, gauss rifles, and even Tesla cannons. Additionally They have access to a wide variety of power armors including but not limited to, the T-45, T-51, and T-60. Additionally it is shown they have the ability to reprogram robots to act as soldiers or helpers with the most destructive robotic weapon in their arsenal being the Liberty Prime, a robot that was left unfinished during the war. One of their biggest advancements was during their mission to destroy the Institute in the Commonwealth with their construction and subsequent use of an airship known as The Prydwen. The Appalachia chapter of the Brotherhood during their soon to be failed mission of wiping out the Scorched plague found that the Ultracite crystals that the plague originated from became a deadly poison to infected hosts of the plague and were able to design laser guns, gatling lasers, and even suits of T-51 power armor upgraded by Ultracite.

  • Laser rifle
  • Laser pistol
  • Ultracite Laser rifle
  • Ultracite Laser pistol
  • Gatling laser
  • Ultracite Gatling laser
  • Brotherhood recon rifle
  • Crusader pistol
  • War glave
  • Plasma rifle
  • Plasma pistol
  • Plasma caster
  • Plasma cutter
  • Gatling plasma
  • Minigun
  • Assault rifle
  • Missile launcher
  • Hellstorm missile launcher
  • 50 calibre machine gun
Armor and clothing
  • Recon armor
  • Brotherhood fatigues
  • Brotherhood recon armor
  • Brotherhood uniforms
  • Brotherhood combat armor
  • Brotherhood recon armor
  • Steel Dawn fatigues
  • T-45 Power Armor
  • T-51 Power Armor
  • T-60 Power Armor
  • Ultracite Power Armor
  • Scribe robes
  • Science Scribe's armor
  • Field Scribe's uniform


The Brotherhood of Steel was mainly former members of the United States military that wanted to preserve various technology from the Old World as a way to remember and help rebuilt the USA after the Great War/World War III. Led from their main base in Lost Hills and Mariposa by Elder Maxson, the Brotherhood did their best to make this happen.

In Fallout 76, the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood is led by Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy, the former Lieutenant and leader of the U.S. Army's "Taggerdy's Thunder" unit of Army Rangers. They were in Appalachia, near Spruce Knob, for a war games exercise with other U.S. forces, including members of the United States Marine Corps, when Moreno picked up radio traffic of the Great War/World War III happening at that very moment, such as hearing confirmation of a nuclear strike on New York City. Taggerdy initially thought it to be part of the exercise and the brass going all out on it, until her forces bear witness firsthand of the Chinese nukes landing in the distance, reducing cities to radioactive glass, meaning that this is real world, not exercise.

Ted Wilson: Any standing orders we can fall back on, Lieutenant?
Taggerdy: None that I know of-
*Nuclear explosion*
Johnny Moreno: Whoa. Did you...?!
*Another nuclear explosion*
Gary Weber: There's one over there, too!
Wilson: Mother of...
Moreno: Uh, this isn't no war game.
Taggerdy: Turn that off!
~ Taggerdy's Thunder bearing witness to nuclear Armageddon

Shortly thereafter, Taggerdy regains contact with Captain Roger Maxson, who reveals that the military and the United States are no more, so those members of the armed forces who are still alive now need to band together into the Brotherhood of Steel to try and preserve their past and ensure a better future and prevent a repeat of the nuclear holocaust of the Great War/World War III. Taggerdy is put in charge of the Appalachian chapter since her Rangers were in the area at the time of the apocalypse, and does a good job rounding up all stray U.S. forces to join her part of the Brotherhood. After securing several places in The Mire, including taking some from the Free States, such as the Thunder Mountain power plant under threat of killing the Free States secessionists if they refused, Camp Venture becomes their base for training new Initiates and Hopefuls to join the Brotherhood. Despite the initial hostility that they gave the Free States, Taggerdy's Brotherhood is able to get on good terms with them and The Responders, especially after securing the Grafton Dam to ensure a steady flow of supplies between the Responders in Morgantown and the Free States in Harpers Ferry, and securing victory in a joint effort with the Responders against the Super Mutants of Huntersville. After that, upon securing the former Allegheny Asylum and renaming it Fort Defiance, Taggerdy's Brotherhood had their first encounters with the Scorchbeasts after they were released by Secretary of Agriculture and self-proclaimed President Thomas Eckhart and his Enclave forces. Setting up an anti-aircraft perimeter around the Cranberry Bog, the Brotherhood was doing an excellent job of keeping the Scorchbeasts, codenamed "Sierra Bravos", at bay, but the numbers game began to work in the Scorchbeasts' favor. During one call with Elder Maxson while the satellites still functioned to maintain contact with Mariposa and Lost Hills, Taggerdy voiced her concern with the increasing number of Sierra Bravos and asked Elder Maxson about using something bigger and final to deal with them that the Squires found on patrol: A still-active automated I.C.B.M. nuclear missile silo.

Maxson: What?! Even you, Lizzy?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GOD-DAMNED MIND?!!? Look around! Look at everything! The death, the destruction, the End of the World! That came from the nukes!
Taggerdy: But if we don't deal with the Bravos once and for all, they could kill everyone. All life on this continent. That's what Takano said, right?
Maxson: There will always be a reason to use a weapon. Always. But nukes?! NEVER AGAIN! I'D MOTHBALL THE WHOLE TECHNOLOGY IF I COULD! AM I CLEAR?!
Taggerdy: Yes, Elder.
Maxson: I consider this matter resolved. I
don't want to talk about it again. Maxson out.
~ Maxson makes it clear to Taggerdy that nukes are never to be used again, not now, not ever after the carnage wrought by the Great War/WWIII

With Elder Maxson silencing Taggerdy on usage of nukes again, even against the Scorchbeasts, Taggerdy had to make do trying to contain the deadly beasts without the aid of the dreaded doomsday weapons. However, with Brotherhood Knights and Paladins falling at a faster rate than new ones can be trained at Camp Venture, the camp soon had to be abandoned with all forces falling back to Fort Defiance and Thunder Mountain. In a desperate bid to stop the Scorchbeasts at their source, Taggerdy and a select few Knights, Scribes, and Squires delved into the Glassed Cavern to find the main hive and destroy it, codenamed "Operation Touchdown".

When they reached the heart of the old Atomic Mining Services (AMS) Ultracite mine, they found something that left them shocked and horrified: The lab where the Enclave had worked on the Scorchbeasts, revealing that they were man-made, even the Scorchbeast Queen. Despite learning of this dark revelation, Taggerdy ordered the charges planted, but the Scorchbeast Queen and its minions in the Scorchbeasts, Scorched, and other Scorched Wildlife were too many in number to hold off long enough for Taggerdy's forces to retreat before detonating the charges. With little choice left, Taggerdy and Scribe Grant prepared to sacrifice themselves, and with Taggerdy's Brotherhood declaration of "Ad Victoriam", she detonated the charges. After that, Scorchbeast sightings on the surface dwindled to nothing for some time, but the Scorchbeasts and their Queen would not be stopped that easily. They soon found another way to begin surfacing again, and the surviving Brotherhood members were unable to hold them off as their anti-air batteries were overrun, allowing the Scorchbeasts to spread out over the rest of Appalachia, taking out the other factions that the Brotherhood had initially been on good terms with, but as the Scorchbeast problem got worse, the Responders and Free States were unable to support the Brotherhood, and their trust in them dwindled as the Brotherhood grew increasing frantic for supplies, even taking them by force, soon leading to all the factions closing ranks and being left to fend for themselves. Without further help from the Responders, Free States, or even the Raiders, the Brotherhood finally fell to the Sierra Bravos around the year 2096 as Fort Defiance and Thunder Mountain were overrun by the Scorched.

By 2012, the Vault 76 Residents were soon directed by pre-recorded messages from the late Free States member Abigayle Singh to investigate the Brotherhood's leftover equipment and join the Brotherhood to try and help stop the Scorchbeast threat themselves as they followed in the footsteps of the Vault 76 Overseer. Of course, to join the Brotherhood, they needed to join the Army first by completing basic training at Camp McClintock and then deal with the red tape of getting a military ID from the Charleston Capital Building DMV, not helping the fact that the building was overrun by feral ghouls who came charging into the DMV office when the PA went off. Once they had the ID, they could register as a new Brotherhood member and learn of what became of Taggerdy's forces and then attempt to do what the Brotherhood couldn't with stopping the Scorchbeast Queen themselves, even using what Maxson forbid Taggerdy from using against them: the nukes.

A year later in 2013, Elder Maxson, after losing contact with Taggerdy when the satellites finally failed, decided to find out what became of her Brotherhood chapter and sent Paladin Rahmani and the First Expeditionary Force to Appalachia to learn of their fates. After several missions that involved being aided by the residents of Vault 76, Rahmani decides to rebuild Taggerdy's Brotherhood herself from the ground up using her own forces as the foundation for it, and with support from people like the residents of Vault 76 and the New Appalachia Settlers, that would soon be a reality.


  • General/High Elder John Maxson
  • Elder Jacob
  • Elder Rachael
  • Elder Jonathan
  • Elder Mary
  • Head Paladin Rhombus
  • Initiate Anthony
  • Scribe Initiate Cabbot
  • Camarillo (deceased)
  • Paladin Darrel
  • Paladin Jennifer
  • Initiate Jerry
  • Knight Kyle
  • Dr. Lorri
  • Dr. Lorri's assistant
  • Paladin Mathia
  • Knight Michael
  • Knight Paul
  • Assistant Master Scribe Sophia
  • Senior Paladin Talus
  • Paladin Thomas
  • Head Scribe Vree
  • Artificial Conscious Entity (A.C.E.)
  • King Arthur Pendragon
  • Sir Bedemir
  • Sir Galahad
  • Joshua
  • Sir Launcelot
  • Luke
  • Matthew
  • Patsy
  • Sir Robin
  • Elder Nolan McNamara
  • Father/Elder Elijah (formerly)
  • Head Paladin Edgar Hardin
  • Paladin Ramos
  • Journeyman Scribe Veronica Renata Santangelo
  • Knight Christine Royce (Circle of Steel)
  • Paladin Fairbanks (deceased)
  • Paladin Hughes (deceased)
  • Scribe Ibsen
  • Paladin Lander (deceased)
  • Head Scribe Lars Taggart
  • Senior Scribe Linda Schuler
  • Senior Knight Lorenzo
  • Paladin Matiz
  • Apprentice Melissa Watkins
  • Paladin Raseleanne (deceased)
  • Paladin Sato
  • Initiate Stanton
  • Paladin Todd
  • Knight Torres (Quartermaster)
  • Elder Owyn Lyons
  • Sentinel Sarah Lyons (Lyons' Pride)
  • Defender Ann Marie Morgan (Outcasts)
  • Knight Artemis
  • Paladin Bael
  • Scribe Bigsley
  • High Scribe Bowditch
  • Unnamed GNR Commander Paladin
  • Knight Captain Colvin (Lyons' Pride)
  • Star Paladin Cross
  • Knight Dillon
  • Knight Captain Durga (Quartermaster)
  • Knight Captain Dusk (Lyons' Pride)
  • Operations Officer Paladin Edwards
  • Scribe Elizabeth Jameson
  • Knight Finley
  • Paladin Glade (Lyons' Pride)
  • Paladin Gunny
  • Protector Henry Casdin (Outcasts)
  • Paladin Hoss
  • Knight Captain Irving Gallows (Lyons' Pride)
  • Initiate Ishmael Ashur (Formerly)
  • Initiate Jennings (Lyons' Pride) (deceased)
  • Paladin Jensen
  • Paladin Greg "Kodiak" Bear
  • Protector McGraw (Outcasts)
  • Defender Morrill (Outcasts)
  • Specialist Olin (Outcasts)
  • Scribe Peabody
  • Initiate Pek
  • Initiate Reddin (Lyons' Pride)
  • Head Scribe Reginald Rothchild
  • Defender Rococo Rockfowl (Outcasts)
  • Sawbones (Mr. Gutsy Medic)
  • Defender Sibley (Outcasts)
  • Paladin Tristan
  • Scribe Vallincourt
  • Paladin Vargas (Lyons' Pride)
  • Knight Sergeant Wilks
  • Scribe Yearling
  • Paladin Elizabeth Taggerdy (deceased)
  • Knight Johnny Moreno (deceased)
  • Paladin Swafford (deceased)
  • Squire Hannah de Silva (deceased)
  • Senior Scribe Kerry (deceased)
  • Vendor Bot Phoenix (Protectron Quartermaster)
  • Brotherhood Vendor (Protectron Quartermaster)
  • Brotherhood Collectron
  • Paladin Leila Rahmani
  • Initiate Russell Dorsey
  • Initiate Vernon Dodge
  • Scribe Odessa Valdez
  • Knight Daniel Shin
  • Initiate Felton Reed
  • Doctor Solomon Hardy
  • Elder Arthur Maxson (formerly a Squire)
  • Paladin Brandis (Recon Squad Artemis)
  • Brotherhood Mess Officer
  • Knight Captain Cade (Medic)
  • Initiate D. Clarke (Logistics)
  • Paladin Danse (Recon Squad Gladius)
  • Scribe Dawson Wakefield (Creation Club) (Former Outcast) (Turncoat)
  • Scribe Faris (Recon Squad Artemis) (deceased)
  • Scribe Gael Vasquez (Creation Club) (Former Outcast) (deceased)
  • Knight Sergeant Gavil (Logistics)
  • Scribe Haylen (Recon Squad Gladius)
  • Proctor Ingram
  • Knight Keane (Recon Squad Gladius) (deceased)
  • Lancer Captain Kells
  • Knight Captain Larsen
  • Knight Lucia (Logistics)
  • Knight Maria Harper (Creation Club) (Former Outcast) (deceased)
  • Senior Scribe Neriah
  • Proctor Quinlan
  • Knight Rhys (Recon Squad Gladius)
  • Rouge Knight (Formerly)
  • Knight Rylan (deceased)
  • Knight Tara Astlin (Recon Squad Artemis) (deceased)
  • Proctor Teagan (Quartermaster)
  • The Scribe (Formerly)
  • Knight Varham (Recon Squad Artemis) (deceased)
  • Liberty Prime (Ultimate Weapon)


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