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The Brothers Bear are a group of male bears whose homes and businesses are scattered around the Northern Kremisphere in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Dixie and Kiddy Kong need to trade various items, mainly their coins, between the bears for rewards, most often Banana Birds.



Barter is a moustached bear who owns a shop near K3 called "Barter's Swap Shop". When the Kongs first meet Barter, He has an unkempt appearance since he has no mirror to tidy himself up. Dixie or Kiddy can trade him a mirror in exchange for a No. 6 Wrench and can also buy the mirror back from Barter later on for ten Bear Coins.


Bazaar owns a general store nearby Funky's Rentals and sells items the Kongs can trade to other bears they meet.


Blue can be found in his beach hut at Cotton Top Cove. He is sad that nobody seemed to remember his birthday. However the Kongs can cheer him up by giving Blue a present which is revealed to be a bowling ball. Blue is pleased that his birthday has not been forgotten but lets the heroes keep the bowling ball as he has no use for it.


Blunder is found inside his booth located nearby Kremwood Forest. He believes himself to be smarter than Dixie and Kiddy Kong but continues to unintentionally reveal secrets about Lost World to the duo.


Blizzard is a mountain climber who has set a basecamp at K3. He asks the Kongs to deliver a birthday present to Blue as he is unable to do so himself.


Brigadier Bazooka is a veteran who fought in the Kremean War and owns a cannon called Big Bessie. He is found at Mekanos and wants to fire his cannon once more but lacks the ammunition to do so. The Kongs can give Bazooka a bowling ball to use as ammo and will be rewarded with permission to use Big Bessie to reach a secret cave.


Barnacle is a former scuba diver who lives on his own island at Lake Orangutan. In the GBA remake of the game, Barnacle can be found at the port-exclusive world Pacifica instead. Barnacle has caged a Banana Bird and will only part with it for a shell to include in his shell collection. Barnacle Bear also makes a reappearance in the Japan-exclusive Donkey Konga 3: Tabehōdai! Haru Mogitate 50 Kyoku.


Baffle is a retired investigator who is located at Kaos Kore. He is a self-proclaimed master of code but needs a mirror to decipher a clue that he has discovered concerning the whereabouts of a secret cave.


Bramble is a botanist who lives in a bungalow near Cotton Top Cove. He is searching for a certain kind of flower called Flupperius Petallus Pongus but is unable to find one as pollution from Mekanos is preventing the plant from growing. If the Kongs manage to find the flower for him, Bramble will reward them with a Banana Bird.


Brash is a athletic jock located at Kremwood Forest who has held a record for the fastest time finishing the level "Riverside Race" for two years. If the Kongs manage to beat his record, Brash will fly into a rage and unintentionally create a path to a secret cave.

Benny & Björn

Benny and Björn both operate the chairlifts at Razor Ridge. Benny will allow Dixie and Kiddy Kong to ride his chairlifts over the lake free of charge. However Björn will need a No. 6 Wrench to fix his chairlifts leading toward a secret cave.


Boomer is an explosives specialist who was sent to Krematoa as he was deemed too dangerous by his brothers. Boomer can allow the Kongs to access a new level in Krematoa each time they pay him a certain number of Bonus Coins. If Boomer is given all the cogs found at the end of each level, he will use them in a machine that will cause K. Rool's submarine to rise from Krematoa's lake.


In Donkey Kong Land III, there is only one bear who, according to the credits, is simply named Bear. Bear owns the Sheepy Shop around the Northern Kremisphere, where the Kongs can play a card game, pay two Bear Coins to hear a hint, or pay five Bear Coins to teleport to any other area in the world map.


In the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3, a new bear is added to the Brothers Bear family, named Bachelor. He takes the spot of Barnacle, who has been moved to the port-exclusive world Pacifica. Bachelor is preparing for a date and asks the Kongs to find him a box of chocolates and a rose so he can impress his girlfriend. If the Kongs find Bachelor these items, he will give them a Banana Bird in return.


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