Brown-Tubbs Family
The Brown-Tubbs Family is a blended family of The Brown Family and The Tubbs Family. They are the main cast of The Cleveland Show as well as major side characters on Family Guy.


The Brown-Tubbs Family's patriarch, Cleveland Brown, used to be married to a woman named Loretta Brown, of whom they had one child with, and that would be Cleveland Brown Jr.. In the Family Guy episode, "The Cleveland Loretta Quagmire", Loretta divorced Cleveland, after she cheated on him with Glenn Quagmire and realized how much better he was.

Meanwhile, family matriarch, Donna Tubbs was married to a man named Robert Tubbs, of whom she bore two children with. Roberta Tubbs and Rallo Tubbs. They got divorced after Robert kept on being a lousy husband and father, not providing for the family and not taking care of his wife and kids. For a while, Donna raised her two kids on her own.

In the The Cleveland Show episode, Cleveland moved into Stoolbend, where he and Donna met up again. They told each other about their respective divorces and eventually decided to get married and live in Donna's house.

In the Family Guy episode, "He's Bla-ack!", The Brown-Tubbs Family moved back into Quahog.


Main Family

Extended Family

  • LeVar Brown (paternal grandfather)
  • Evelyn Brown (paternal grandmother)
  • Broderick Brown (paternal uncle)
  • Dee Dee Tubbs (maternal grandmother; deceased)
  • Cecilia Moreno (Junior's wife)


  • Rock Hudson
  • Meadowlark Lemon (deceased)
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