Bruce is a sympathetic homosexual resident of Quahog and one of the major characters from TV Series, Family Guy.
His boyfriend is Jeffrey, who that is mentioned in some seasons of Family Guy, later he appears on Season 3 from "The Cleveland Show" and later on Family Guy too. Bruce is also a supporting characters in the video game "Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse", who supports Brian and Stewie during their adventure for stop Bertram. He appears also on the crowd at the court of Sprinfield in "The Simpsons Guy" and also at the Roast of Peter Griffin in "Roasted Guy".

Bruce appears also in "The Cleveland Show" in the episode "Harder, Better, Faster, Browner",he was mentioned in "BFFs", in "Die Semi-Hard" we see him for the first time with her lover Jeffrey. We hears his voice in a cameo in the episode "Flush of Genius".


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