Ugandan Bruce Lee! We call him... BRUCE U!
~ VJ Emmie

Bruce U is one of the two main protagonists of the famous Ugandan action movie Who Killed Captain Alex?.


Bruce U (real name unknown) first appears after his brother Captain Alex is assassinated. He, along with the military, believes that Richard and the Tiger Mafia are responsible for Alex's death.

He arrives at a gym where he fights two tough guys, but the trainer comes and confronts them. Bruce tells the trainer that he want to avenge his brother's death, but the trainer rejects him by replying that Kung-Fu is for self-defence, not revenge.

Bruce U fighting at the gym.

Bruce U then starts to make a residence in a forest where he trains and survives on his own. He meets Richard's ditched wife and helps her eat as well. She promises him that she will lead him to the Tiger Mafia base.

There, Bruce gets caught by the guards and sent to Richard and now has to fight his henchmen, but is defeated. The military destroys the base and Bruce U is not seen again. However, Richard is still defeated and captured by the military later on.

In the film "Crazy World" it is revealed that he has a son named Frank U who has the same fighting skills as him and bumps into Dauda during the rescue mission to save his son, Dauda's daughter and the other kids from being sacrificed by Mr. Big and his henchmen in exchange for good luck from the Ugandan Witch Doctor.

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