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Brunhilde (ブリュンヒルデ, Buryunhirude) is the main character of the manga and anime Record of Ragnarok. This is the first of the thirteen Valkyrian sisters, charged with guiding the souls of the dead human warriors in combat towards Walhalla, the paradise of souls and gods.

She is the one who pushed the gods to agree to organize the Ragnarök tournament, consisting of thirteen gods against humans. Its objective is to save humanity: the gods had planned to destroy humanity, but if humans win at least seven of the thirteen duels of Ragnarök, the gods would not agree not to touch the human species. Brunehilde also seems to devote a luxurious hatred towards the gods, and has shown several times that another of its objectives was that the maximum of gods die during this tournament.

Always accompanied by Göll, the thirteenth sister Valkyrie, it is she who decides before every duel of the human will fight, and she chooses for every human fighter one of the thirteen Valkyries sisters who will merge with him for the fight. , giving him the power to hurt the gods, what a human can not normally do.

It is lined in Japanese by Miyuki Sawashiro. It may be lined by Marina Rollman in the next Dubs to come in VF.


Brunhilde appears as a pretty big and beautiful woman with long blue night hair down to the hip and light green eyes. It wears an elegant white dress down to the ground over light feathers, as well as dark blue and white boots. Just like some of his sisters, she wears a wing shaped bar on the left side of her hair.


Brunhilde has shown a limitless toughness to save humans, always continuing to say that the Valkyries are closer to humans than they think. She goes so far as to push her own sisters to sacrifice their existence and to undergo Niflhel, the disappearance forever from a soul of the world of the living or dead, as long as it gives a chance to humanity to survive, this that it always uses as justification.

Unlike Göll, she never shows her emotions, although she can feel like everyone else. When the powerful Nordic God Thor arrived, she immediately inclined as Göll was paralyzed, and showed no sign of fear while she was terrorized. Similarly, when one of his sisters dies, she seems to feel nothing on the spot, and no tears only if we continue to talk about it and to accuse it.

She knows how much to defend themselves well and not lose his means. When Tameemon Raiden jumped on her with perverse thoughts, she remained impassive and simply repulsed him with one hand as it was a heavy sumo champion. She knew again to never show a sign of weakness until the end of Ragnarök.

Finally, she has some sense of loyalty. When the brother of blood of the Valkyries, Heracles, died by Niflhel to save humanity while he was not involved with the personal stories of the Valkyries, Brunhilde wanted a lot and promised internally to inflict Niflhel And joining Heracles in non-existence once everything is done and that humanity would be saved.