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Bruno Carrelli is Kamala Khan's friend. Bruno has shown a genius level intellect developing what he calls 'super snot' which when applied to cloth allows it to stretch to great lengths, this same 'super snot' is used by Bruno on Kamala Khan's costume as Ms. Marvel, stretching with her and allowing her to heal when she is transformed back to her normal state. Bruno has also acted as a side-kick/partner to Kamala, providing her with information and even assisting her in some adventures.


Bruno has no powers but has demonstrated genius level intellect for science, especially in the field of chemical engineering. Bruno developed the 'super snot' a biokinetic polymer which allows any cloth it is applied to, to stretch with extreme elasticity, it is however not very water resistant. Bruno also showed his intelligence when Ms. Marvel (Kamala) was being treated by the Inhumans doctor Vinatos deducing that the liquid she was held in was 'cellular peptides' within 'liquid oxygen', Vinatos declared his surprise as Bruno's knowledge of biochemsitry.

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