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Brutus "Brutal" Howell is the tritagonist in the 1996 Stephen King book and 1999 movie adaptation, The Green Mile.

He was played by David Morse.


Despite his known nickname alias are Brutal, he's a very good, nice, and polite character of both the novel and movie. But will kick ass if he has to and like the other characters hates Percy Wetmore, guard and one of the novel's and movie's main villains. Howell also surpervised executions at Cold Mountain like the execution of Arlen Bitterbuck, criminal and redeemed villain. He was also very close to Paul Edgecomb and the rest of the heroes of the book and movie.

He finally gets his chance to pay back Wetmore when he and the other heroes put Wetmore in a restraining jacket and lock him in a padded room. However Howell is also kind of cautious fearing that taking Coffey out of the prison and bringing him to the Moores residence will result in him and the rest of the heroes going to jail and getting fired and that when Wetmore is released he'll eventually say something. But fortunately his fears are soon laid to rest when Coffey removes the disease the warden's wife had and makes it like it never happened you know and Wetmore courteousy of Coffey goes into a permenant catatonic state for the rest of his life and is admitted to Briar Ridge Mental Hospital as a patient. Later he asks Coffey if there's anything he does want before he's to be executed and Coffey says he wants to watch a movie and he does. After Coffey's execution, he and Paul transfer to a youth detention center.


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