Bryan the Beach Master is a male elephant seal and the supporting character of the 2011 sequel Happy Feet Two. He seems to be an antagonist, but later redeemed after Mumble saves Bryan in a hole. By the end of the film, he helps Mumble to free his penguin colony.

He has two sons named Shane and Darren. He is voiced by Richard Carter.


When Mumble and the three kids try to return home by using a bridge, Bryan comes and he suprises Mumble, telling Mumble to back up and then tells his short story about Elephant Seals never backing up. After, Bryan get into a fight with those Penguin, the bridge collapse and Bryan gets trapped in a hole. Mumble provokes a Leopard Seal to use to free Bryan out. Then, Bryan thanks Mumble for saving him.

Later, Mumble goes back to Bryan to get help to save Emperor Land. But Bryan tells Mumble to scram because he is challenged to another elephant seal named Wayne. Then Erik sings an opera in front of the Elephant Seals, and later Bryan and the other elephant seals helps out to save Emperor-Land.


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