Bryony Shelfley is the tritagonist of the 2011 Christmas film Arthur Christmas. She is voiced by Ashley Jensen.


Bryony has short brown hair with a blonde streak, brown eyes and pointed ears. Her attire consits of a green camoflage outfit, black boots, black fingerless gloves and a piercing on her right eyebrow.

She speaks with a Scottish accent.


Role in the film

She is an elf who works for the Claus family in The North Pole. She originally worked as a Wrapping Divison Grade 3 elf. One Christmas after Malcolm Claus (the current Santa) returned from delivering presents, Bryony found a present that had not been delivered and discovered it to be a bike for an English girl named Gwen.

When Malcolm's son and heir Steve claimed that they can send the present to Gwen in a few days, Bryony along with Steve's younger brother Arthur and Grandsanta travel to England to deliver the bike in Grandsanta's old sleigh Evie which is pulled by the great-great grandchildren of the original eight reindeer.

Though they face challenges along the way, the trio arrive in England and Arthur is able to leave the bike in Gwen's house and leave just as she wakes up. After Arthur is made the new Santa, Bryony is made Vice-President of Packing, Pacific Division.

Powers & Skills

Bryony is very skilled in wrapping gifts and can wrap anything whether it be her own head or the head of a lion.




  • Bryony is the only important female elf in the movie.
  • Bryony is the only elf in the movie with a piercing.


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