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BUBBLES!!! [gibbering] MY BUBBLES!
~ Bubbles

Bubbles is a yellow tang and a member of the Tank Gang in the 2003 Pixar film "Finding Nemo". He is a fish who was brought from Fish-o-Rama and brought to the dentist's office.

Bubbles is voiced by Stephen Root.


Finding Nemo

As his name suggests, Bubbles has an interest in popping bubbles. Nemo was scared of him, because he thought Bubbles was a territorial fish. Nemo introduces himself to Bubbles and tells him that he came from the ocean. Also, Bubbles is seen chanting with the other fish at Mount Wannahockaloogie during the first night at the dentist's office and is also seen listening to Gill's plans about escaping the tank.

The next day, Bubbles and the rest of the Tank Gang help Nemo try to escape the tank, but the plan failed. Nemo talks to Nigel about his father Marlin, which made the rest of the Tank Gang hear his stories about him. Nemo successfully jammed the filter with a pebble, and the rest of the Tank Gang were surprised by the plan succeeding.

When algae has spread in the tank, Bubbles is seen coughing when trying to find bubbles. Also, he is seen being affected by Darla, who starts tapping the fish tank when she arrives for her appointment. Nemo tries to escape by playing dead, but it doesn't work since the dentist goes to put him in the garbage instead. However, he is distracted, at whish point Darla starts shaking the bag he is in, which worries him and the others. The other members then use Mount Wannahockaloogie to launch Gill onto Darla's head. After Gill successfully launched Nemo into a drain (which would lead to him getting back to the ocean), Bubbles and the other members of the Tank Gang cheered for Gill.

After Nemo was saved, Bubbles and the other members of the Tank Gang are seen going back to the ocean in bags. He and the other members cheered for Peach who successfully reached the ocean.

Finding Dory

In this sequel's post-credits scene, Bubbles and the rest of the Tank Gang, still in the bags which are now filled with algae, are shown to have reached the Marine Life Institute in California, where they are picked up by the staff for rehabilitation.

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