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Bubbles is a talking dolphin and a (former) antagonist turned supporting yet very important character in the hybrid movie The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. He is voiced by Matt Berry, who also voiced Moominpappa.

He is "the protector of the galaxy" and he is the one who help SpongeBob and friends get to the surface. He also appears in the video game version of the movie.


In the film, SpongeBob and Plankton travel through time and somehow end up in the middle of the universe and encounter Bubbles, who, for the last 10,000 years, was watching the universe. He took a few minutes to go to the john and told SpongeBob and Plankton to keep an eye on things. They soon see that Jupiter and Saturn collide with each other, and after Bubbles exits the john, he gets mad at them and is fired. Sometime later, Bubbles encounters SpongeBob and the gang nearing the surface and helps them get to it.

Before the credits roll, when Burger-Beard the Pirate helps the seagulls sing the theme song, Bubbles tells them to keep it down and soon has a rap battle with one of the talking seagulls.


  • Bubbles' constant raging chirp is a reference to the infamous episode Sailor Mouth Where dolphin chirps are a cuss word (or censor a cuss word).


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